Immunogenicity of Biopharmaceuticals

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  1. types of lymphocytes
    • B cell
    • t cell
    • natural killer cells
  2. what is clonal selection?
    when a single progenitor cells gives wrist to a large # of lymphocytes with different antigen receptors. If the receptors bind to self antigens, they are destroyed. The rest mature into inactive lymphocytes
  3. what is immunogenicity?
    the ability of a substance to provoke an immune response.
  4. ways to reduce immunogenicity for biopharmaceuticals
    • optimize the structure (remove epitope)
    • change from animal to human
    • improve purity
    • add barriers between biopharmaceuticals and immune system
  5. manipulation of the immune system to treat cancer
    cancer immunotherapy
  6. what is an antagonist (antagonism)
    prevents binging, neutralizes
  7. signaling
    crosslink receptors to exert effect
  8. CDC
    complement dependent cytotoxicity
  9. ADCC
    antibody -dependent cellular cytotoxicity
  10. opsonization
    when an antibody marks a pathogen for ingestion and destruction by a phagocyte
  11. what happens if there are bacteria in extracellular space?
    antibody opsonization--> ingestion by macrophage
  12. what happens if there are bacterial toxins?
    neutralization by antibodies --> ingestion by macrophage
  13. what happens is there is a bacteria in the plasma?
    Complement acitvation --> lysis and ingestion
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