history final review

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  1. who sai i have not yet begun to fight?
    patrick henry
  2. who said give me liberty or give me death?
  3. surrendered at the battle of yorktown
  4. sold secrets to the british?
  5. commander in chief of the colonial army
  6. led the committee in writing the declaration of independence
  7. led the french troops in helping the colonial army
  8. wrote common sense?
  9. leader of the green mountain boys
  10. silversmith who warned of the british
    paul revere
  11. said i only regret that i have but one life to loe for my country
  12. mohawk chief who helped the british
  13. british secretary of the treasury
  14. prime minister of great britain
    william pitt the elder
  15. general burgoyne surrendered 5,000 troops to him
  16. a british tax on imported paper, paint, lead, glass, and tea
    townshend acts
  17. british act which canceled the western land claims
    quartering act
  18. allowed british officials to search for smuggled goods
    writs of assistance
  19. laws which restricted freedom to govern themselves
    intolerable acts
  20. british soldiers were allowed to stay in colonial homes
    quebec act
  21. removed british protection from the colonies
  22. the shot heard round the world was fired at what town?
  23. another name for loyalists is?
  24. loyalists support who? (americans or british)
  25. professional soldier from prussia are called what?
  26. the battle which proved to be the turning point of the war was?
  27. the declaration of independence was unabimousy adopted when?
    july 4, 1776
  28. the final battle of the war was fought and won by the colonists where?
  29. what happened in september of 1783 that ended the war?
    the treaty of paris
  30. who passed the quabec act?
  31. who captured charleston in may 1780?
  32. who was captured and hanged by the british?
    nathan hale
  33. ft. ticonderoga guarded the main road between canada and?
    new york
  34. what meant the british were coming by sea?
    2 lanterns
  35. before the war the colonists felt that under british law they should not be given taxation whithout what?
  36. the boston massacre was a result of british troops firing on a crowd of young boys who were throwing what?
    snowballs with rocks in them
  37. who was the fighting quaker?
  38. who spied for the colonies
  39. fought on the frontier for the colonies?
  40. common sense was a pamphlet that did what?
    listed abuses of the monarchy and parliament
  41. what was george washington
    a general
  42. the first major battle of the war was what?
    battle of bunker hill
  43. who wrote the poem that became our national anthem?
    francis scott key
  44. the american warship, the constitution?
    old ironsides
  45. forcing  americans to serve on brtish in warships?
  46. limiting or stopping trade with other nations?
  47. congressmen from southern and western states who called for war with great britain?
    war hawks
  48. who killed alexander hamilton in a duel?
    aaron burr
  49. required an annual tribute to be paid for travel off the coast of northern africa?
    Barbary Pirates
  50. these indians were friendly to lewis and clark?
    mandans indians
  51. who explored the southern half of louisiana terrritory?
    zebulon pike
  52. the first frontier or western state admitted to the union?
  53. who explored central kentucky?
    daniel boone
  54. one of the memebers of the virginia dynasty?
    james monroe
  55. prohibited any future colonization in the new world by european powers?
    monroe doctrine
  56. one of two presidents who died on our nations 50th anniversary?
    john adams
  57. the man from tennessee?
    andrew jackson
  58. a tax on imported goods?
  59. this doubled the size of the nation
    louisiana purchase
  60. who forced the spanish to close the mississppi river to trade?
    napoleon bonaparte
  61. lewis and clarks interpreter and guide?
  62. to repeal a law?
  63. where was the nations first capital?
    new york city
  64. how many branches of national government did the constitution provide?
  65. what meeting was held in philadelpia in 1787 to propose a stronger central government?
    constitutional convention 
  66. how many amendments are contained in the bill of rights?
  67. which presidential candidate won the second presidential election?
    george washington
  68. the name given to the presidents advisers is called what?
    the cabinet
  69. the first secretary of state in charge of foreign affairs was who?
    thomas jefferson 
  70. what was the purpose of the checks and balances system?
    to control the power of each of the branches of governmet
  71. what four words did president washington use to end his oath of office
    so help me God
  72. who laid out the original plans for washington D.C?
    pierre L'Enfant 
  73. the father of american conservatism was who?
    john adams
  74. the father of the constitution was who?
    james madison
  75. the father of our country was who?
    george washington
  76. the document which set up a two house legislature was what?
    the connecticut compromise
  77. the northwest ordinance did NOT provide for who?
    rights for slaveholders
  78. who promoted a balance of power between the branches of gov't?
    james madison 
  79. who negotiated a treaty with britain?
    john jay
  80. who appointed chief justice of the supreme chourt by jefferson?
    john marshall
  81. who was the first secretary of the treasury
    alexander hamilton 
  82. who was the architect who finished the design for washington D.C?
    benjamin banneker
  83. who negotiated a treaty with spain?
    thomas pinckney 
  84. who was the military dictator of France?
    napoleon bonaparte 
  85. who was the first secretary of war?
    henry knox
  86. who was the first attorney general?
    edmund randolph 
  87. what was the last of the thirteen colonies?
  88. what was the largest city in all of the colonies?
  89. what city had an excellent harbor?
    charles town
  90. what area was just south of virginia?
    albemarle district
  91. this colony was named for an island in the english channel?
    new jersey
  92. this colony was settled by the dutch?
    new york
  93. what colony was settled by the quackers?
  94. a colony on a land frant which an english king made to a nobleman?
    proprietary colony
  95. new netherlands new name
    new york 
  96. the first voluntary american union
    the new england confederation
  97. this ended the absolute monarchy in england 
    the glorious revolution
  98. this colony was often reffered to as a baptist colony 
    rhode island
  99. the first written constitution in america
    the fundamental order
  100. this island was the location of missionary work done by the mayhews family
    marthas vineyard
  101. the first governor of the massachusetts bay colony?
    john winthrop
  102. founder of connecticut 
    thomas hooker
  103. founder of rhode island 
    roger williams 
  104. founder of georgia
    james oglethorpee
  105. why was harvard college founded?
    help young men prepare for minestry 
  106. why was the colony of georgia founded?
    to give the people who couldnt pay off their dept a chance to work for it
  107. who is remembered as the apostle to the indians?
    john eliot
  108. what act passed in massachusetts established the first town school system in america?
    the old deluder satan act
  109. what is another name for the english religious group who called themselves the society of friends?
  110. what was the puritans main reason for teaching children to read?
    so they can read the bible
  111. list three reasons that the constitution was written?
    • establish justice
    • insure domestic tranquility
    • secure the blessings of libery
  112. the purpose of the legislature branch is to what?
    writes  the law
  113. the senate has how many members from each state?
  114. there are how many senators total?
  115. the person who presides over the house of representatives is titled what?
    speaker of the house
  116. the president of the senate is the what?
    vice president 
  117. the vice president may only vote when?
    to break a tie
  118. all bills raising money must originate in what house?
    house of representative
  119. to become a law a bill must pass who and then be signed by who?
    • senate and house of reps.
    • presidents 
  120. the purpose of the executive branch is to what?
    enforce the law
  121. the number of electors per state is equal to the number of what?
    • represantative
    • senators
  122. the people of the state vote for the electors, who in turn vote for the who?
    president and vice president
  123. what is the president to the armed forces?
    comander and chief
  124. the order of succession should the president die or become incapacitated is what?
    • vice president 
    • speaker of the house 
    • president pro tempo
    • secratary of state
  125. the purpose of the judicial branch is the what?
    interpret the law
  126. who is the highest court in the land?
    U.S sepreme court
  127. its judgment is what?
  128. this court has a chief justice and how many associate justices?
  129. who appoints judges for the federal courts with the approval of the senate?
  130. how long are federal judges appointed for?
  131. the bill of rights can be found in which amendments?
  132. the father of the constitution?
  133. how many amendments are there in the constitution?
  134. who explored the atlantic coast and claimed it for england?
    john cabot
  135. who was the first english explorer to sail around the world?
    francis drake
  136. sent an expedition to establish a colony on ranoke?
    sir walter raleigh 
  137. who took charge of jamestown for a time, ruled firmly
    john smith
  138. who was the pilgrims governor for over 30 years?
    william bradford
  139. elected to be the pilgrims first governor?
    john carver
  140. who learned to speak english from from fishermen?
  141. who taught the pilgrims how to hunt fish and plant grops
  142. who led a rebellion that burned jamestown 
    nathaniel bacon
  143. who married pocahontas?
    john rolfe
  144. wh had the bible translated into english for the first time?
    john wycliffe
  145. when several businessmen invested in a single company, this venture was known as a what?
    joint stock company
  146. the crop that helped improve the economy in virginia was who?
  147. the common store system, what happened?
    it failed miserably 
  148. which was not an early precendent in representative government?
    the london company
  149. the congregational church was found by who?
    the pilgrams
  150. malaria, contaminated river water, hostile indians, starvation, and lazy people were all a problem in the settlement called what?
    james town
  151. the first english child born in america was who?
    virginia dare
  152. the first american history book history of plymouth plantation was written by who?
  153. the pilgrims came to america on a ship named what?
    may flower
  154. what was the name of the group of german immigrants who served as missionaries in the west indies?
  155. what was the occupation of the majority of colonial americans?
  156. the city of brotherly love is what?
  157. these colonies were known as the bread colonies?
  158. the trade route that included africa the west indies and new england was known as the what?
    triangular trade route
  159. what was homespun used for?
  160. what was teh name for the plant from which a blue dye was produced?
  161. what term describes the exchange of goods between the colonists and the indians?
  162. what group wrote the first classical music to be composed in america?
  163. which nation was the chief customer of the colonies?
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