Science Chapter 14 test

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  1. The speed and direction of a moving object
  2. How fast an object position changes with time at any given moment
  3. The force of gravity between Earth and an object
  4. Forces that cancel each other out when acting together on a single object
    balanced forces
  5. Change in velocity with respect to time
  6. A push or pull exerted by one object on another causing a change in motion.
  7. The tendency of a moving object to keep moving in a straight line or of any object to resist a change in motion
  8. A force that opposes the motion of one object moving past another
  9. The force of a traction between any two objects due to their mass
  10. The force one object applies to a second as in Newton's third law of Motion which states for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction
  11. Newton's First Law of Motion States:
    Objects at rest remain at rest and object traveling at a steady rate in a straight line continue that way until a force acts on them.
  12. Newton's Second Law of Motion states:
    When an unbalanced force acts on an object, the object's acceleration equals the force divided by the object's mass.
  13. Newton's Third Law of Motion states:
    For every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction.
  14. Newtons' Law of Gravitation states:
    The force of gravity between two objects increases with the max of the objects and decreases with the distance between them squared
  15. define acceleration:
    Change in velocity with respect to time.
  16. Define deceleration:
    occurs when a force causes the speed of an object to decrease
  17. Define velocity
    The speed and direction of a moving object.
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