learning and behavior final part 5

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  1. adjunctive behavior
    an extensive pattern of behavior that emerges as a by-product of an intermittent schedule of reinforcement for some other behavior
  2. what causes adjunctive behavior?
    as one behavior is being strengthened through intermittent reinforcement, another quite different behavior emerges as a side effect of that procedure
  3. Active anorexia
    an abnormally high level of activity and low level of food intake generated by exposure to a restricted schedule of feeding
  4. what are the clinical implications of this model of anorexia (active anorexia)
    behavioral treatments for anorexia nervosa should focus as much on established normal patterns of activity as they do on establishing normal patterns of eating

    people should be warned that combining a stringent exercise program with severe dieting places them at risk for developing this disorder
  5. behavioral system theory
    an animals behavior is organized into various motivational systems, such as feeding, mating, avoiding predator, and so forth

    the probability that any particular response will occur is a function of both the current active motivational system and environmental cues
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