learning and behavior final part 4

  1. What is the general meaning of preparedness?
    the innate tendency for an organism to more easily learn certain types of behaviors or to associate certain types of events with each other
  2. what is preparedness in classical conditioning?
    Some CS-US combinations are learned more readily than others (fear conditioning)
  3. taste aversion conditioning
    a food item that has been paired with gastrointestinal illness becomes a conditioned aversive stimulus
  4. latent inhibition
    we are more likely to associate a relative novel item, such as an unusual liqueur, with sickness that we would a more familiar item such as beer
  5. what are some examples of preparedness in operant conditioning?
    the sound of recorded songs by a type of bird was an effective reinforcer for training that type of bird to perch in a certain spot, but not for training them to key-peck
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