N421 Final

  1. Provides hospital insurance and medical insurance to ppl ages 65 yrs & older, permanently disabled persons, & ppl with end-stage renal failure.
  2. Covers hospital care & home care (home care or hospice-cannot have both), skilled nursing care.
    Medicare part A
  3. Covers Medical care, diagnostic services & physiotherapy (non-institutional care insurance).
    Medicare part B
  4. Financial assistance to states & counties to pay for medical services for poor older adults, the blind, the disabled, and families with dependent children.
  5. Epidemiologic triangle.
    • Agent
    • Host
    • Environment
  6. An animante or inanimate factor that must be present or lacking for a disease or condition to develop.
  7. A living species (human or animal) capable of being infected or affected by an agent.
  8. All that is internal or external to a given host or agent and that is influenced and influences the host and/or agent.
  9. Examples of agents in the epidemiological triangle.
    • causive (E.coli)
    • infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites)
    • Chem agents (heavy metal, toxic chem, pesticides)
    • Physical agents (radiation, heat, cold, machinery)
  10. Examples of a host in the epidemiological triangle.
    • anything capable of being infected
    • genetic susceptibility
    • age, sex
    • acquired characteristics
    • lifestyle factors (diet, exercise)
  11. Examples of an environment in the epidemiological triangle.
    • climate
    • plant & animal life (reservoirs)
    • crowding, social support
    • education, resources, access to care
    • levels of stress
  12. The prevalence proportion reflects?
    • Current AND past events in a population (textbook)
    • The number of existing disease in a population at a given time (existing cases divided by population)
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