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  1. what is the physologic status of prepuberty?
  2. what muscle group may be seen in the false pelvis along the lateral sidewall of the pelvis?
  3. bending foward of the fundus and body of te uterus is called
  4. the normal size of the menarchal uterus should be
    8cm long x 4 cm wide
  5. the superficial layer of glans and stroma of the endometruim is called the
    zona functuionalis
  6. the structure that lies above the uterovarian ligament, round ligament, and tuboovarian vessels is the
    fallopian tube
  7. the ovary produces 2 hormones. estrogen is secreted by _____, whereas progesterone is secreted by the____.
    follicles; corpus luteum
  8. the release of an egg from the ruptured follicle is
  9. the vagina has 2 sources of blood supply
    uterine artery and vaginal artery
  10. the ovary recieves its primary blood supply from the
    ovarian artery
  11. the widest portion of the fallopian tubes is the
  12. the blood supply to the fallopian tube is received by
    ovarian artery
  13. the following about the ovaries is true
    • ovaries are almond shaped
    • ovarieas lie in the ovarian fossa
    • ovaries receive blood form te ovarian and uterine arteries
  14. the left ovarian vein drains into the
    left renal vein
  15. the ovaries are supported laterally by the
    suspensory ligaments
  16. a mature follicle is known as a ____ follicle
  17. a mature follicle typically is _____cm in size right before ovulation
  18. the endometrium demonstrated the "three-line" sign in
    the proliferative phase
  19. the retouterine space is also known as
    posterior cul-de-sac
  20. the pelvic recess between the anterior bladder wall and the pubic symphisis is
    space of Retzius
  21. abnormally heavy or long menses is termed
  22. the inner lining of the uterine cavity that appears echogenic to hypoechoic on us depending on the menstrual cycle is the
  23. menarche may be defined as
    the start after reaching puberty in which menses occur every 21 to 28 days
  24. doppler measuremnets that takes the hightest systolic peak minus the hightest diastolic peak divided by the highest systolic peak is the
    pourcelot resistive index
  25. these are small vessels found along the periphery of the uterus
    arcuate vessels
  26. the refers to a horizontal plan through the longitudinal axis of the body to image structures form the anterior to posterior
  27. the doppler measurement that uses peak-systole minus peak-diastole divided by the mean over one cardiac cycle is the
    pulsatility index
  28. the endometrium is at its greates thickness and echogenicity with posterior enhancement in the ____phase
  29. difference between peak systole and peak diastole is the
    s/d ratio
  30. what is a technique that uses a catherter inserted into the endometreal cavity with the insertion of saline or contrast media to fill the endometreal cavity to demonstrate abnormalities with in the cavity
    • sonohysterography
    • SIS
  31. to inage the dundus of the uterus with endovag the transducer should be angled so the handle is
    closer to the bed
  32. with endovag, for an anterverted uterus the cervix is seen in the ___, whereas the fundus of the uterus is found in the ___
    right side of screen; left side of screen
  33. the thickness of the endometrium should be measured inthe
    longitudinal plane
  34. the endovag transducer should be soaked in disinfectant between uses for a minimum of
    10-20 minutes
  35. symmetric bilataral pelvic masses are likely
    pelvic muscles
  36. the middle layer of the uterus is
  37. the thin outer layer of the uterus is separated from the immediate layer by the
    arcuate vessles
  38. flexion refers to the axis fo te utering body relative to the
  39. in endovag scanning, the scanning plane 90 degrees from the sagittal plane is the
  40. nabothian cysts are found near the
    endocervical canal
  41. arcuate artery calcifications are seen in
    • diabetic patients
    • postmenopausal patients
  42. this technique is the best way to measure the cervical-fundal dimension of the uterus
  43. sonohysterography is usually performed on premenopausal women between days___ of the menstrual cycle
    6 and 10
  44. limitation of translabial scanning may be overcome by
    elevating the patients hips
  45. when handeling glutaraldehyde, the sonographer is required to wear
  46. on trasnabdominal imaging of the female pelvis the destended urinary bladder
    • is an acoustic window to view the pelvis anatomy
    • serves as a "cyctic" reference
    • displaces bowel into the false pelvis
  47. clinical signs of a 32 year old woman with and enlarged uterus an physical exam and a hx of cyctic profuse, prolonged bleeding with increasing pain most likely represents
  48. the most common site for a leiomyoma to occur is
  49. complications in delivery may occur with pregnancy if a fibroid is located
    near the cervix
  50. hydrometra appears sonographiclly as
    a sonolucent fluid collection in the uterine canal
  51. a benign invasion of endometrial tissue into the myometrium is known as
  52. a hyperplastic protusion of the epithelium of the cervix; may be based or pedunculated
    cervical polyps
  53. the most common sonographic finding in endometrial carcinoma
    presents with abnormal thickening of the endometrial cavity; usually presents with irregualr bleeding in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women
  54. a small % of leiomyomas are located in the
  55. an acquired condition with obstructuon of the cervical canal is most likely a results of
    cervical stenosis
  56. the size and shape of the normal uterus are related to
    • age
    • hormanal status
    • parity
  57. which leiomyoma location is most likely to cause heavy irregular utering bleeding
  58. the most common cause of uterine calcification is
  59. on us, the characteristic appearance of a degenerating leiomyoma is
  60. following is true about adenomyosis
    • can be managed with hormone therapy
    • may cause abnormal uterine bleeding
    • may cause pelvis pain during menstration
  61. uterine arteriovenous malformation (AVM)
    involves the myometrium
  62. the endometrium should be measured from
    hyperechoic layer to hyperechoic layer
  63. endometrial hyperplasia develops form
    unopposed estrogen stimulation
  64. a 3-day postpartum woman complains of intense pelvic pain. sonographically, the uterus appears hypoechoic with and irregular endometrium. this is most likely
  65. in postmenopausal patients, and enodmetrial thickness of less than ___mm reliably excludes endometrial abnormality
  66. only ___% of women wit postmenopausal bleeding have endometrial carcinoma
  67. pt's on tamoxifen therapy have and increased risk of
    • endometrial carcinoma
    • endometrial hyperplasia
    • endometrial polyp
  68. a 28 yr woman present with left lower quadrant pain. her LMP was 2 weeks ago. donographically the uterine body displays a highly echogenic structure in the endometrial cavity.
    and intrautering contraceptive device (IUCD)
  69. irregular, acyclic bleedig is defined as
  70. where might you find a Gartner's duct cyst
  71. in a posthysterectomy pt, the normal vaginal cuff should not exceed___cm
  72. an infection that involves that fallopian tube and the ovary is called
    a tuboovarian abscess
  73. risk factors in pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) include all
    • early sexual contact
    • sexually transmitted disease
    • intratuterine contraceptive device
  74. true statements about PID
    • almost always a bilateral collection of pus and fluid
    • pt's may present with pelvic pain and hx of infertility
    • includes vaginal discharge with bleeding
  75. true statements about fallopian tube
    • normal lumen is usually not visualized
    • detection is easier if fluid or pus is within the tube
    • ascites is helful to outline the tube
  76. what is an infection within the fallopian tube called
  77. early in the disease the clinical presentation of both PID and endometriosis may mimic
    functional bowel disease
  78. PID in an inclusive term that refers to all pelvic infections
    • oophoritis
    • parameritis
    • myometritis
  79. most common etioloy of PID
  80. fusion of the inflamed dilatied tube and ovary is called
    tuboovarian complex
  81. infection within the uterine serosa and broad liagament is called
  82. clinical symtoms of PID may include
    • fever
    • dull pelvic aching
    • no symptoms
  83. the differential considerations of a solid appearing adnexal mass includes
    • endometrioma
    • hemorrhagic cyst
    • penduculated uterine fibroid
  84. he differential considerations of PID may include
    • dermoid
    • endometriosis
    • ovarian neoplasm
  85. sono findings of PID include
    • endometritis
    • periovarian inflammation
    • salpingitis
  86. enlarged ovaries with multiple cysts and indistinct margins describes
    periovarian inflammation
  87. sexually transmitted PID is spread via
  88. a comlex adnexal mass most likely represents
  89. perihepatic inflammaion ascending from a plevic infection is called
    fritz-hugh-curtis syndrome
  90. an asymptomatic 32-yrs woman is dx with left adnexal mass on physical exam. a prior hx of PID has been reported. transabdominal and endovaginal inaging demonstrated an anechoic tubular structure in the left quadrant
  91. 24-yrs woman presents with fever vag discharge and intense pain. trans and endovag imaging demonsrates a comlpex multiloculated irregular mass in the pouch of douglas
    ovarian torsion
  92. 25 yr woman with painful menstral cycles and infertility. trans and endovag demostrates hypoechoic well defined adnexal mass normal ovaries are seen bilateral
  93. true statements about diffuse endometriosis
    • most common form of endometriosis
    • leasds to disorganization of plevic anatomy
    • appearance similar to PID
  94. inflammation of the serous membrane lining the abdominal cavity and covering the viscera
  95. pelvic abcess us usually
    complex cul de sac mass that distorts the plevic anatomy
  96. true statement about interventional pelvic sonoraphy
    interventional pelvic sonography decreases pt cost
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