U.S. History

  1. What were the colonist's motovation for coming to the colonies?
    • Religious--
    • to escape religious persecution (Massachusetts, Maryland, and Pennsylvania were founded for religious purposes)
    • Economic--
    • Economic motives led to the founding of Virginia, Delaware, New Netherlands,(Present Day New York), North Carolina, and South Carolina
    • Political--
    • Separatist & Puritians had fallen into political disfavor because of their objection to the established church of England and the King who headed it.
  2. Who were the first inhabitants of North America?
    Native Americans
  3. What was England's first permanent settlement in North America, and what troubles did it endure?
    Jamestown people had minimal experience in living off the land,lacked expeirence in raising livestock
  4. How did the ideals from the enlightenment influence the formantion of the Mayflower Compact and the Virginia House of Burgesses?
    The ideas from the Enlightenment influenced the formation od the Mayflower Compact and the Virginia House of Burgesses because both documents were ideas of democratic government, ruled on the consent of the people, which was an enlightenment idea, they were also early forms of democratic governments.
  5. Explain the concept of Mercantilism and identify how it caused tensions within the colonies....
    The Concept of Mercantilism is a colony exists solely for the colonizing country, the colonizing country exploits the colony by taking the raw materials the colony had and manufacturing them and then selling it back to the colony, at a higheer price. This caused tension betweem the colonies and Great Britian because the colonies weren't being treated fairly.
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