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  1. Your patient is Latino male diagnosed with diabetes and taking an oral hypoglycemic.  His Curandero has him drink sabila tea tid.  You

    D) Encourage him to drink the tea, but also be sure to continue taking his medication
  2. Balancing Yin and Yang qualities of foods is important to:

    D) Chinese
  3. Which group is not federally recognized as a minority:

    D) Islamic
  4. Largest Native American Indian tribe:

    A) Navajo
  5. Ethnic groups whose religious beliefs require its members to care for themselves first before seeking medical care is:

    D) Amish
  6. Overweight is seen as a positive for which ethnic group:

    B) Hispanic
  7. Tay-Sachs disease is a common genetic disease among:

    A) Jewish
  8. Most drug testing in the US uses which ethic group:

    D) European American
  9. The laws of which book dictate the foods permitted for traditional Jews?

    A) Kashrut
  10. Amish use this language at home:

    B) Deutsch
  11. Factor that affects patient physiologic response to meds

    B) heredity
  12. Factor that affects patients compliance with meds includes all EXCEPT:

    B) Heredity
  13. Major characteristics of culture include

    D) Religion
  14. Secondary characteristics of culture include

    D) Length of time since immigration
  15. Native American diet is

    B) Includes corn as a staple
  16. African American

    A) Are less responsive to beta blockers than European American
  17. Amish population has all EXCEPT:

    C) low rates of Hemophilia B
  18. Asian/Pacific Islanders have high incidence of lactose intolerance symptoms include

    B) bloating
  19. Your patient has lactose intolerance to meet his calcium RDA you encourage him to eat

    D) Green leafy vegetables
  20. Communication includes

    A) Maintenance of eye contact
  21. Your patient, a 22 year old from the Caribbean is pregnant and per custom, eats red clay to provide minerals for the fetus.  You would

    A) Determine amount of clay eaten daily
  22. An herb commonly used for external treatment of insect bites and minor burns

    D) Aloe Vera
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