Soc: Chapter 5

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  1. A society in which technology is very important
    Industrial Society
  2. Society that survives by searching for wild fruits and vegetables and killing wild animals
    Hunting and Gathering Society
  3. The actual conduct involved in carrying out a role
    Role Performance
  4. A status that is neither earned nor chosen
    Ascribed Status
  5. A status that is earned or chosen
    Achieved Status
  6. "Society" Tonnies's name for a society based on competition and weak family ties
  7. "Community";Tonnie's name for a preindustrial society based on kinship and intimate relationships
  8. A society in which animals and machinery are used to produce food
    Agricultural Society
  9. When performing one role creates problems in properly performing a second role
    Role Conflict
  10. A behavior that an individual is supposed to perform toward others
  11. The increase in number of large cities
  12. Status that affects most aspects of our lives
    Master Status
  13. A behavior that an individual expects of another
  14. A society in which most goods are produced in factories by blue collar workers
    Postindustrial Society
  15. True or False
    All ascribed statuses are also master statuses
  16. Which of the following is an example of an achieved status?
    Being a teacher
  17. The process of replacing animal and human power with machine power
  18. Expected behavior associated with a particular status
  19. Condition in which the performance of a role in one status interferes with the performance of a role in another status
    Role Conflict
  20. A position a person occupies within a social structure
  21. Condition in which the roles of a single status are inconsistent or conflicting
    Role Strain
  22. The process of influencing each other as people relate
    Social Interaction
  23. A society that uses plows and draft animals in growing food
    Agricultural Society
  24. A society in which the economic emphasis is on providing services and information
    Postindustrial Society
  25. A society that depends on science and technology to produce its basic goods and services
    Industrial Society
  26. All of the statuses that a person occupies at any particular time
    Status Set
  27. A type of social unity in which members of interdependence is based on specialized functions and statuses
    Organic Solidarity
  28. People living with defined territorial borders and sharing a common culture
  29. The shifting of population from farms and villages to large cities
  30. The underlying pattern of relationships in a group
    Social Structure
  31. A type of social unity achieved by people doing the same type of work and holding similar values
    Mechanical Solidarity
  32. A society that survives primarily through the growing of plants
    Horticultural Society
  33. Examples of Social Structures
    • The leader
    • The pleaser
    • The peacemaker
    • The jokester
  34. A baby boy wearing blue or a baby girl wearing pink is an example of...
    Ascribed Status
  35. Being a girlfriend, student, friend, and daughter all at different times is an example of...
    Status Set
  36. Is Master Status flexible?
  37. How does a Master Status change?
    With the passage of time and circumstance
  38. Cues that clue individuals/groups on how to proceed in an interaction
    Social Interaction
  39. Boys getting ready to fight and girls fighting are examples of...
    Social Interaction
  40. What is this an example of?
    Status: Student and employee
    Conflict: Balancing studying and work
    Role Conflict
  41. What is this an example of?:
    Danny & the T-birds vs. Danny & Sandy
    Role Conflict
  42. What is this an example of?:
    Bobby Knight/any coach after a loss in a game
    -Should there be a cool off period before the conference?
    Role Strain
  43. What is this an example of?:
    A flood happened, Lieutenant Henry Waller was supposed to stay and help out and instead he went home to be with his wife
    Role Strain
  44. How does Functionalism relate to Roles?
    Social integration is promoted by culturally defined rights and obligations honored by group members
  45. Functionalism/Role example
    • All men are created equal
    • -Class setting, teams and organization reinforces this idea all the time
  46. How is Conflict Theory related to Ascribed Status?
    Ascribed master statuses such as gender and race empower to subjugate others
  47. Conflict Theory/Ascribed Status example
    • Sexism
    • Hooters
    • Unequal pay based on gender
  48. How does Symbolic Interactionism relate to Social Interaction?
    Roles are carried out by individuals on the basis of the symbols and meanings they share
  49. Symbolic Interactionism/Social Interaction
    • Engagement Ring
    • The bigger the ring the more money spent on it.
    • The smaller the ring means they got married young and couldn't afford a nicer ring.
    • -If that's the case then the men get their women nicer rings when they're older and can afford it.
  50. Conflict Reduction Strategy
    • Put family needs first
    • Assume one role at a time
    • Find the balance and adjust your individual careers accordingly
    • Recognize that gender revolution will alter the dynamics of what relationships, marriage, and family are
  51. A perspective for two career families to use. They should focus on the positive, income and personal satisfaction
    Conflict Reduction Theory
  52. Who discussed the division of labor?
  53. Who said "Why should both women and men work when we already had one man (the husband) making the same amount in one paycheck?"
  54. Why is freedom for women a hoax?
    It only increases enslavery
  55. What is this an example of?:
    Abbey Road-The Beetles
  56. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golock is an example of...
  57. Combines horticultural and pastoral societies
    Agricultural Society
  58. A male dominated Society
    Pastoral Society
  59. A society where food is obtained through raising and taking care of animals
    Pastoral Society
  60. Society that reduces the need to gather
    Horticultural Society
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