Mechanical Sciences Hangers

  1. A hanger that provides constant support for piping throughout the full range of expansion and contraction. Constant support hangers are generally used to support critical piping systems
    Constant-support hanger
  2. Pipe hanger construction and installation depend on:

    • Pipe size

    • Piping configuration

    • Location of system equipment (i.e., inline valves, fittings, components)

    • Building structures available for supporting the pipe

  3. There are two basic classifications of pipe hangers
    flexible and rigid
  4. Flexible hangers can be classified as two types:
      • Constant support
      • Variable support

  5. Hangers that typically support critical piping systems
    Constant support
  6. Normally used at locations where no vertical movement occurs
    Rigid hangers
  7. Rigid hangers can be divided into two main categories
      • Horizontal pipe attachments and
      • Vertical pipe attachments

  8. Type of pipe hanger available for more complex piping systems
  9. Snubbers have two types:
    Mechanical and Hydrolic
  10. Used as seismic restraints where loading is cyclic and requires rapid alternating restraint in two directions along a single axis
    hydraulic snubbers
  11. Mechanical snubbers perform their duty through a couple of different designs
    • Ball screw shaft and spring mechanism
    • Verge and rack assembly
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