Lecture 9/10/14

  1. Question: What is the atmospheric pressure when the height difference is 710 mm? The density of the mercury at 20◦C is 13.595 g/cm3
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  2. What is used for measuring atmospheric pressure? Draw it

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  3. What is used to measure the pressure of gases other than atmospheric? Draw them (2).
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  4. Three different kinds of systems:
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  5. What properties describe the state of the system?
    • Extensive
    • Intensive
  6. Define extensive property and name some
    Property is proportional to the amount of material. Energy, electricalcharge, mass, etc.
  7. Define intensive property and name some
    Property does not depend on the amount of material. Density, temperature,etc.
  8. Draw and label an example of an isothermal gas expansion. Note if any properties become a function of any other properties
    Image Upload 5P as a function of V - if we change the pressure and always wait long enough until thermal equilibrium between the gas in the syringe and the water in the bath is reached
  9. Example 2.1 in the book: the number of oxygen molecules in an alveolus? (r=0.005cm, pO2=14%,P=1atm)
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  10. Define energy
    Energy is the ability to do work
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Lecture 9/10/14
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