Complex Senses; the Ear Chapter 15

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  1. The sense organ for the special sense of balance
    vestibular apparatus
  2. The vestibule contain these two small membrane-enclosed sacs
    • Saccule
    • Utricle
  3. Function of the semicircular canals
    receptor in the organ respond to angular movements of the head
  4. Function: Cochlea
    special sense organ for hearing
  5. Describe the pathway of entry of a sound wave to firing of the nerve
    • 1) sound waves vibrate the tympanic membrane
    • 2) auditory ossicles vibrate. Pressure is amplifed
    • 3) Pressure waves created by the stapes pushing on the oval window move through fluid in the scala vesibuli¬†
    • 4a) sound frequencies below hearing range travel through the helicotrema and do not excite hair cells
    • 4b) sound in hearing range go through the cochlear duct, vibrating the basilar membrane and deflecting hairs on inner hair cells
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