Lipmann on Public Opion

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  1. What is Lippman's Triangular Relationship? Describe the three points
    • Public affairs: things in the environment that you interact with
    • Public opinion: things that goes on inside your head, an idea (needs,wants)
    • Public Opinion (capitalized): putting those visions into action
    • All of these external limitations effect how the flow of info is further filtered by the preconceptions and prejudices which interpret them then take those into a action
  2. What is mean by a "pseudo - environment"
    reality is too big and too complex to process so we create a "Perceptual - Screen" (filter) that we use to process reality. It is made out of fiction
  3. Factors that limit access to facts
    • Artificial censorship: event, something, or someone blocking us from getting information. ex) media. It distorts reality and compresses events and information -> thus we are unable to get the entire story
    • time of day: availability
    • social circles: we only associate those with agreeable and similar opinons
  4. Lippman's conclusion
    • Feels that a representative gov't can't work unless there is an expert/independent organization to provide political leaders w/ facts to make those decisions.
    • Media is unfit for the job because they are for profit.
    • Solution: academics/political scientists
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