Grodzin's view on Federalism and why did we choose it

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  1. What is meant by Grodzin saying that federalism is a "means not an end"?
    During the formation of our system of gov't Federalism was the most convenient system to work with at the time because it combined state and federal autonomy but was also centralized.
  2. Why didn't we choose to go back to monarchy?
    The US was already a confederacy, and had mistrust in a system that had a monarchy after independence from Britain.
  3. How did pride and locality of state influenced us to choose federalism?
    States refused to devolve power to an all central gov't
  4. How did the wealth of the nation influenced us to choose federalism?
    • We had enough resources to make trial and errors, it would buffer repercussions if those experiments failed.
    • Afford to experiment
  5. What political institution did Grodzin say that helped devolve power and decentralization of the federal gov't and why and how?
    • Parties.
    • why?:┬áParties themselves were a collection of separate spheres interests thus making the political theater to reflect the heterogeneous attitude
    • how?: Directives come from bottom-up rather than top-down. Representatives can disregard requests from Party leaders and the President but NOT their constituents.
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