Cranial Nerve Origins

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  1. Olfactory
    (I) Olfactory Bulb
  2. Optic
    (II) Interpeduncular fossa
  3. Oculomotor
    (III) Rostral pons
  4. Trochlear
    (IV)Tectum of Midbrain
  5. Trigeminal
    (V) Ventral Pons
  6. Abducens
    (VI) Caudal pons
  7. Facial
    (VII) Ventral surface of caudal pons
  8. Vestibulocochlear
    (VIII) Immediately lateral to Facial Nerve (Ventral surface of caudal pons)
  9. Glossopharangeal
    (IV) Between Olive and Inf. Cerebellar Peduncle
  10. Vagus
    (X) Immediately caudal to Glossopharangeal (Between Olive and Inf. Cerebellar Peduncle)
  11. Accessory
    (XI) Immediately caudal to Vagus (Between Olive and Inf. Cerebellar Peduncle)
  12. Hypoglossal
    (XII) Between olive and pyramid
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