aging exam 1

  1. what is responsible for the formation of wrinkles?
    interaction between genes and environment
  2. eriksons stage of development that we find most young adults in is marked by a conflict between
    intimacy vs. isolation
  3. from a life span prospective, individual differences are very important and are
    greater in adulthood than childhood
  4. based on what we know about individual differences at various stages of the lifespan; which stage will be the most difficult stage to determine its onset
    older adulthood
  5. which school based marker is the best indicator of achieving adulthood?
    finish your formal education
  6. for most people, middle age is largely one of
  7. a group of people with some common attributes due to similar birthdate or experience is called a
  8. a cross-sectional design examines _____ whereas longitudinal design examines _____
    • age differences,
    • age changes
  9. eriksons theory states that identity is focused in adolescence and does not change during the adult years
  10. the developmental plan of each individual sets limits
  11. gender intensification relates to
    issues of identity
  12. for which age group is chronological age the most useful marker in indicating the beginning of that stage?
    young adulthood
  13. middle age, because of all the transitions that are occurring, is the most stressful period of the lifespan
  14. which of the following is least useful in defining the onset of adulthood
    thinking in the formal operational stage
  15. change is expected to occur during all portion of the life span
  16. all development is _____, while all growth is _____
    none of the above
  17. which type of change would be most useful in defining the onset of a stage
  18. if a person does not achieve a sense of generatively during the middle years, then a sense of _____ results
  19. the larger your sample size the more likely the experimental and control groups will be equivalent
  20. aging begins at
  21. a _____ of old people fit the stereotypical picture of aging
  22. which is the proper order for eriksons stages of development
    • identity
    • intimacy
    • generativity
    • integrity
  23. the birth of the first child usually leads to _____ of the parents
    more stereotypic gender role behavior
  24. the ability to develop an intimate relationship in young adulthood depends greatly on
    a sense of identity
  25. stage theories emphasize the ____ of development over time
  26. a psychologist asks adolescents, young adults, and older adults what they want from life; and then compares the responses. his research:
    is crossed sectional
  27. the environment sets the limits of behavior and the genes control the specific level of behavior
  28. the dual track of gender socialization leads to
    stereotypic gender roles
  29. the two factors that energize change in development are
    genes and environment
  30. the human developmentalist is concerned with
    • universal changes in behavior with increasing age
    • describing and explaining change
    • maximizing the behavioral potential in development
  31. the mid life crisis is a universal event that everyone goes through
  32. a researcher has children watch 30 minutes of violent television and then measures their aggressiveness. the researcher concludes that television violence causes aggressiveness. a problem here is that
    there is no control group
  33. the term opposite sex according to lecture is an accurate term describing by men and women
  34. when a confound is found within the experimental situation
    some alternative explanation may account for the results other than the experimental manipulation
  35. _____ have more role attitude and _____ have more role overload
    women, women
  36. the first filter that operates in the filter theory of mate selection is
  37. which of the following only has a negative change function
  38. the least useful of the 5 markers that we used to define the onset of adulthood was..
  39. in longitudinal studies, the confounding variable is the cohort membership of the subjects
  40. the ability to redirect your energies from one direction to another when a barrier is placed in your path is called
    cathetic flexibility
  41. both erikson and levinson see as a central process in young adulthood:
  42. john and jenny agree that both mates should establish themselves in careers before having a family, and should share 50/50 in child-rearing responsibilities. this best illustrates the ____ filter of mate selection
  43. poor hearing and vision at the age of 50 is caused by the passage of time
  44. which generation is sandwiched
    middle aged adults
  45. jennifer is 20 years old and is a daughter of a very devout preacher. she has never questioned the teachings of her father and has firm beliefs, based on her upbringing. according to erikson, jennifer would be classified in what stage of identity development
  46. the beginning of Middle age as a period in the life cycle in the 21st century as compared to the 20th century is probabilistically starting a little
  47. levinsons theory would indicate adult status has been achieved when one has achieved their identity
  48. according to erikson, the young adult will have to become in some ways less independent
  49. it is more difficult for
    women to be blue
    men to be pink
    women to be purple
    men to be blue
    men to be pink
  50. an example of a cohort difference might be age differences that are attributable to
    differences in education or different age group experiences
  51. cross-sectional research involves measuring the behavior of
    at least two cohorts at one point in time
  52. longitudinal designs involve the observation of
    one cohort at two or more times of measurements
  53. androgyny has increased during the last 40 years
  54. parents who are highly invested in their parenting roles and less invested in other roles (such as work roles) are likely to suffer from the "empty nest" syndrome
  55. a probabilistic statement
    is useful
  56. testimonials are flawed as science because
    what is true for one might not generalize
  57. knowledge doesn't have to be certain to be useful implies:
    if you know what will usually happen this can help guide your decision
  58. in the isuzu trooper story what conclusion could be drawn
    • you should not generalize from particular events
    • exceptions do not negate probabilistic statement
    • mary ann was right
  59. males have more role overload typically than females
  60. which pair is most different in their probabilistic onset of puberty
    father daughter
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