Chapter 6 - Social Studies

  1. a small community that is started in a new place
  2. The name of the island where the first English settlement was started in North America in 1587.  It is located near the coast of present day North Carolina
  3. The first successful English colony in North American, it was founded in 1607 in present day Virginia.
  4. A town started in 1620 by early English settlers called Pilgrims.  This town is located in present-day Massachusetts.
  5. wet, low-lying land that is poorly drained.
  6. a person who settles in a colony
  7. relating to a form of government in which people have the power to rule themselves, often though elected representative.
  8. one person or nation united with another for a common purpose
  9. what type of government relates to a form of government where people have the power to rule themselves, often through elected representatives.
  10. the Mayflower Compact was a ??
    a treaty between the Indians and Pilgrims
  11. What would be examples of the democratic government you read about in this chapter?
    • the House of Burgess
    • Pilgrims drew up a plan of government and wrote down rules to help them live peacefully, they signed the agreement known as the Mayflower Compact and elected a governor.
  12. what would be an example of a democratic government you see today?
    • House of Representatives
    • The Senate 
    • President
    1 - why was it established
    2 - where was it located
    3 - describe the environment
    4 - what problems did it have
    5 - what made it successful or not
    • 1 - Sir Walter Raleigh believed that American Colonies could make England more powerful.
    • 2 - an island near present day north carolina
    • 3 - the island had fish, animals and farming land
    • 4 - They fought with the Roanoke Indians.
    • 5 - The first settlers they were not farmers and could not grow food.  More settlers came that were farmers and skilled workers, but they needed more supplies.  When Captain John White returned from England there were no sign of the settlers - even their houses were gone.  CROATIAN was carved on a gatepost.  No one knows what happened to the colony
    1 - why was it established
    2 - where was it located
    3 - describe the environment
    4 - what problems did it have
    5 - what made it successful or not
    • 1 - King James sent wealthy men to start a colony and they hoped it would make them richer.
    • 2 - Virginia up river from Chesapeake Bay
    • 3 - Jamestown was built on a marsh
    • 4 - The land was not good for farming and mosquitoes carried deadly disease, malaria
    • 5 - Jamestown had a hard time at first and many people died from disease and starved because there was not enough food.  John Rolfe leaned to grow a new kind of tobacco and they traded it for money and supplies  - it became Virginia's gold.  Jamestown also established the first representative government - the House of Burgess
    1 - why was it established
    2 - where was it located
    3 - describe the environment
    4 - what problems did it have
    5 - what made it successful or not
    • 1 - this settlement was started by people looking for religious freedom.
    • 2 - located at the tip of Cape Cod in what is now Massachusettes
    • 3 - the climate was cold and harsh
    • 4 - the first winter was hard and nearly 1/2 of the pilgrims died of disease and starvation
    • 5 - Squanto, an Indian, taught the pilgrims how to plan corn, catch fish and get syrup from maple trees.  They made a peace treaty with the indians and had a feast to celebrate the harvest - we now call it Thanksgiving.
  16. Writing Assignment - imagine that you are a colonist living in either Roanoke, Jamestown or Plymouth.  write a persuasive paragraph trying to convince someone living back in Europe why he or she should come or not come to live in one of the three colonies.  Choose only one of the three - include facts in your paragraph.
  17. King Phillip's War - know some facts about the war between the Wampanoags and the English Colonist.
    what started the war between the Wanmpanoags and the english settlers?
    The English put two wampanoag meant to death after finding them guilty of murder.  an angry group of Wampanoag warriors struck back and killed nine english settlers in a village called Swansea.  The Wampanoag saw the Lunar Eclipse and thought it was a sign of a time of war.
  18. King Phillip's war - 
    Why were American Indians undecided on which side of the war they should fight?  English or Indian side?
    Many groups shared King Philip's anger at the English.  But others had friendly ties with settlers, and some became Christians.
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