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  1. The Primary goal of wellness is the ability to achieve:
    A freedom from disease
    B a multicultural view of health
    C the highest possible quality of life
    D greater control ofer lifestyle decisions
    C the highest possible quality of life
  2. Which of the following is considered a social determent of health?
    A heredity
    B employment status
    C your values
    D the physical environment
    B employment status
  3. One of the hallmarks of community health promotion is its emphasis on improving
    A common health-related resources
    B privately funded wellness programs
    C taxpayer-funded health initiatives
    D the regulation of hospitals and clinics
    A common health-related resources
  4. The aspect of personal health that is most within your control is:
    A genetic inheritance
    B human biology
    C lifestyle
    D environment
    C lifestyle
  5. What is the major goal of primary disease prevention efforts?
    A detect diseases before they become symptomatic
    B treat a person for particular problems associated with a disease
    C find a cure for prevalent diseases
    D inhibit the development of diseases
    A detect diseases before they become symptomatic
  6. Which of the following statements about family health tree is true?
    A lifestyle habit information should not be included
    B results from genetic testing are required to create a family health tree
    C basic information for each relative in the family health tree includes date of birth, major diseases, age, and cause of death
    D a family health tree traces a family's origin
    C basic information for each relative in the family health tree includes date of birth, major diseases, age, and cause of death
  7. What is the purpose of creating a family health tree?
    A to discover your personal health risks and strengths
    B to identify environmental factors that influence your health
    C to illustrate patterns of lifestyle habits in your family
    D to estimate your life expectancy
    A to discover your personal health risks and strengths
  8. True or False
    The sequencing of bases within a gene is of little significance.
  9. True or False
    Different cell types contain different chromosomes.
  10. Alternate forms of the same gene are called:
  11. An approach to Psychological research that, instead of studying mental illness, studies such things as happiness, character strengths, and healthy emotions is called:
    Positive Thinking
  12. The basic premis of Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory is that people will pursue their highest potential when:
    Their basic needs are met.
  13. _________is most strongly associated with mental health?
  14. The ability to bounce back from an adverse event is known as:
  15. Your brain is not fully developed until you reach your:
    Early Twenties
  16. True or False
    Spirituality requires participation in organized religion.
  17. Studies have shown that _______ has the greatest impact on happiness.
    connection to others
  18. Meditation and prayer, in combination with traditional medical treatments, are reported to decrease:
    chronic pain
  19. Journaling as a method to build spirituality serves what primary purpose:
    Understanding yourself more clearly
  20. How does service learning encourage students to take a positive role in their community?
    Service learning teaches students how to get involved in the lives of others.
  21. Light alters the biological clock to cease secreting ________ which is a hormone that promotes sleep?
  22. The human brain cycles into what two main states of sleep?
    NREM sleep and REM sleep
  23. A sensation of falling and jerking away for a moment as muscles relax is associated with what type of sleep?
    NREM sleep
  24. At which stage of NREM sleep will you feel most groggy if you are suddenly awakened from it?
    Stage 4
  25. Scientists believe that creative and novel ideas are more likely to flourish during which state of sleep?
    REM sleep
  26. The main provider of energy for the brain and nervous system is:
  27. What are the macronutrients?
    • Water
    • Carbohydrates
    • Proteins
    • Lipids (fats)
  28. The main purpose of protein is to:
    build and maintain body tissue
  29. True or False
    Fats are the principal form of stored energy in the body
  30. Speed is associated with which component of fitness?
    Skill-Related Fitness
  31. The American College of Sports Medicine recommendations for physical activity include a minimum of:
    75 minutes of vigorous intensity exercise a week
  32. What are the 4 components of cardiorespiratory training?
    • Type
    • Frequency
    • Time
    • Intensity
  33. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that people exercise at a THR between ________ percent to ________ percent of their maximum heart rate.
    55; 90
  34. Resistance training results in all of the following except:
    A Preventing Osteoprosis
    B Improving quality of life
    C Reducing Obesity
    D Preventing Cancer
    D Preventing Cancer
  35. Obesity is defined as having a body mass index higher than:
  36. Overweight, a condidtion that is less serious than obesity, is defined as having a BMI between ____ and ____.
    25; 29.9
  37. The BMI is used mainly to determine:
    How height correlates with weight
  38. True or False
    Some hormones cannot be produced when body fat falls below a certain threshold.
  39. Why is abdominal fat more dangerous that hip fat?
    it can more easily enter the bloodstream
  40. Eating disorders are most likely to develop during which stage of life?
  41. When you think you have no muscles no matter how giant you really are:
    Muscle Dysmorphia
  42. Grooming Products target males by advertising a linkage to what:
  43. Julia eats like a fat ass Honey Boo Boo mom during the day and exercised compulsively at night for ungodly hours.
    What eating disorder do you think she has?
    Binge Eating Disorder
  44. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism says _______ oz of alcohol is equal to one drink.
  45. All of the following factors increases the absorption of alcohol except:
    A Alcohol concentration in the drink
    B carbonation
    C nicotine
    D anger
    D anger
  46. Binge drinking in college campuses is most strongly influenced by:
    The Social Environment
  47. Death can result from a blood alcohol level that is ______ or higher.
  48. What is most commonly used illicit drug among persons aged 12 and older?
  49. The most common form of drug used among teens aged 12-13 is _______.
    Non medical use of prescription drugs
  50. Probably the most popular psychoactive drug is:
  51. Which of the following by definition is/are drug/s?
    A aspirin
    B caffeine
    C nicotine
    D nicotine and caffeine
    E nicotine, aspirin, and caffeine
    E nicotine, aspirin, and caffeine
  52. In Sternberg's Love Triangle the emotional component of love is called?
  53. Which of the following means speaking up for yourself without violating the rights of others?
  54. True or False
    Viruses are able to replicate on their own?
  55. The function of the right ventricle of the heart is to?
    pump oxygen-poor blood to the lungs
  56. Which of the following is NOT one of the underlying factors amplifying environmental concerns?
    A climate change
    B depletion of resources
    C world overpopulation
    D lack of environmental concern
    D lack of environmental concern
  57. Cells that are capable of unlimited division and retain the ability to become different cell types are called:
    stem cells
  58. What is the leading cause of unintentional injury death for americans at all ages?
    Motor Vehicle Crashes
  59. Conventional medicine is based in part of the theory that, in simple terms, the whole can be broken down into smaller parts.
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