Health Chapter 4

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  1. Muscular fitness
    the ability of your musculoskeletal system to preform daily and recreational activities without undue fatigue or injury.
  2. Muscular Strength
    the ability of a muscle or group of muscle to contract with maximal force. describes how strong a muscle is or how much force it can exert.
  3. Muscular endurance
    the ability of a muscle to contract repeatedly over an extended period of time.
  4. Resistance training
    referred to as weight training or strength training  and can be done with measured weights, body weight, or other resistive equipment. Stress the musculoskeletal system.
  5. tendons
    sheet of connective tissue that draws together at the ends of the muscle forming tendons.
  6. muscle fibers
    individual muscle cells.
  7. fascicles
    bundles of muscle fibers.
  8. myofibrils
    made up of actin and myosin
  9. sarcomeres
    myosin filaments exist in repeating units. smallest area in a muscle fiber where everything required for muscle contraction exists.
  10. slow twitch
    depend on oxygen
  11. fast twitch
    dont depend on oxygen.
  12. isotonic
    Type of contraction. Contractions are characterized by a consistent muscle tension as the contraction proceeds and resulting movement of body parts.
  13. Isometric
    a muscle contraction with no change in muscle length.
  14. Isokinetic
    a muscle contraction with a constant speed of contraction
  15. Concentric
    a muscle contraction with overall muscle shortening
  16. eccentric
    muscle contraction with overall muscle lengthening
  17. hypertrophy
    an increase in the size or cross sectional area of the protein filaments.
  18. atrophy
    a shrinking of the muscle to its pre training size and strength.
  19. sarcopenia
    poverty of flesh. term applied to age related loss in skeletal muscle, decreases muscle strength and endurance
  20. muscle power
    the capacity to exert force rapidly
  21. calisthenics
    conditioning that uses your body weight.
  22. valsaiva maneuver
    the process if holding ones breath while lifting heavy weight.
  23. ergogenic aids
    any nutritional, physical, mechanical, psychological, or pharmacological procedure or aid used to improve athletic performance.
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