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  1. Nonverbal. and the number of types and their names
    • nonverbal are messages expressed by nonlinguistic means conveys how the words are being expressed 9 types  
    • body language, touch, voice, distance, territoriality, time, physical attractiveness, clothing, physical environment
  2. emblems
    are culturally understood substitutes for verbal expressions. example is nodding for yes rather than saying yes
  3. regulators
    are cues that help control verbal interactions.
  4. kinesics
    describe the study of how people communicate through body movements.
  5. haptics
    study of touching
  6. paralanguage
    the way a message is spoken, such as pronunciation, tone, volume etc.
  7. proxemics 4 types in shortest distance to furthest distance.
    • study of how communication is affected by the use of organization and perception of space and distance. personal space etc.
    • Intimate distance, personal distance, social distance, public distance.
  8. chronemics
    the study of how humans use and structure time.
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