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  1. 1902
    The year the first electrogram was produced with a string galvanometer (instrument for detecting small electrical currents and determine their strength) by Willem Einthoven.
  2. 1905
    The year the first esophageal electrocardiogram was recorded.
  3. Nikolai Korotkoff
    In 1905 this person discovered an easy but precise method to measure arterial pressure (called Korotkoff sounds).
  4. 1906
    The year the first demonstration of abnormal ECGs was organized.
  5. 1907
    The year the first artrial fibrillation was documented.
  6. 1909
    The year when angina pectoris changes on an ECG were reported.
  7. 1912
    The year that Einthoven's Triangle is presented to the Chelsea Clinical Society.
  8. 1920
    The year when the first demonstration of an acute myocardial infarction is performed.
  9. Woldemar Mobitz
    In 1924, this person publishes his classification of heart blocks.
  10. 1928
    The year when the first portable ECG machine is built by the Sanborn Company (later acquired by Hewlett-Packard).
  11. 1929
    The year the first heart catherization is performed by Werner Forssman.
  12. 1932
    The year the chest leads are introduced.
  13. 1934
    The year when unipolar limb leads are introduced: VR, VL, and VF (V=Voltage, R=Right Arm, L=Left arm, and F=foot).
  14. 1942
    The introduction of the augmented limb leads (aVL, aVR, and aVF) happen in this year by Emanuel Goldberger. (aVR=augmented vector right arm).
  15. Arthur Master
    In 1942, this person standardized the two step exercise test (AKA Master's Two Step).
  16. Norman Holter
    In 1949 this person developed a 75 pound portable ECG monitor that can record and transmit an ECG.
  17. Paul Zoll
    In 1956, this person used a defibrillator to defibrillate a human heart through a closed chest (transthoracic).
  18. 1958
    The year the first cardiac pacemaker was implanted.
  19. Myron Prinzmetal
    In 1959 this person describes a variant form of angina.
  20. Robert Bruce et al.
    In 1963 this person and his team develop the multistage treadmill exercise test (Bruce Protocol).
  21. 1966
    The year when Mason-Likar lead placement is described for exercise stress tests.
  22. 1967
    The year the first heart transplant is performed by Christiaan Barnard.
  23. 1977
    The year the first transluminal coronary balloon angioplasty is performed by Andreas Grutzig.
  24. 1986
    The year the first coronary stent is inserted.
  25. 1987
    The year the first heart-lung transplant is performed.
  26. 1992
    The year when article on the Brugada syndrome is published. This syndrome is a genetic disease characterized by abnormal ECG findings and increased risk of sudden cardiac death.
  27. 1788
    The year the first documented essay on cardiac defibrillation is published.
  28. Sir Thomas Browne
    In 1646, this person was the first to use the words "electricity" and "computer".
  29. Carlo Matteucci
    In 1838, this person demonstrated that an electric current is associated with each heart beat.
  30. Gabriel Lippman
    In 1872 this person invented the capillary electrometer.
  31. John Sanderson and Frederick Page
    In 1878 these two persons recorded the heart's electrical current which later became known as QRS and T waves.
  32. 1774
    The year the first apparent attempt at a successful defibrillation.
  33. Augustus Waller
    In 1887 this person publishes the first human electrocardiogram.
  34. Willem Einthoven
    In 1893 this person introduced the term electrocardiogram, although this person also credits August Waller. He is often called the "father" of the electrocardiograph.
  35. Karl Wenckebach
    In 1899 this person published a paper on the analysis of irregular pulses from which Wenkebach block (Mobitz type I) and AV block is derived.
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