patho integumentary sys

  1. Macule
    • flat, not palpable, less than 1cm.
    • ex. freckle,
    • cause: scarlet fever
  2. patch
    flat, not palpable, greater than 1 cm

  3. papule
    elevated, palpable, less than 1 cm
  4. plaque
    elevated, firm, rough with flat top, greater than 1cm
  5. nodule
    deeper, firmer than papule, palpable 1-2 cm
  6. tumor
    elevated, soild, deeper in dermis, greater than 2 cm
  7. vesicle
    serous fluid-filled, elevated, less than 1cm
  8. bulla
    serous fluid-filled, elevated, greater than 1cm
  9. pustule
    filled with puss, elevated
  10. cyast
    filled with liquid or semi solid material, elevated
  11. wheal
    transitory palpable lesion
  12. telangiectasia
    fine, irregular red lines due to capillary dilation
  13. crust
    (scab) dried-puss, lymph or blood
  14. erosion
    depression, moist, glistening
  15. scar
    fibrous tissue that relaces normal skin after an injury
  16. keloid
    excessive collogen formation during healing, never goes away
  17. excoriation
    loss of epidermis, depressed
  18. fissure
    crack from epidermis to dermis
  19. scale
    flaky skin
  20. acne vulgaris
    • Acute or chronic inflamatory process of subaceous glands.
    • TX: cleaning and scrubbing with soap twice a day, topical or systemic antibiotics , accutane
  21. papulopustular
    papules and pustules
  22. acne rosaccea
    • occurs in 40-60y/o, pronounced erythema superfical pustules and papules over cheeks,
    • TX: tretracycline, avoid excessive consumption of alcohol
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