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  1. vapor
    moisture in  the air that can be seen; fog; mist

    • Scientists have devised* methods for trapping vapor in  bottles so they can study its makeup.
    • He has gathered data* on the amount of vapor rising from the swamp.
    • A vapor trail is the visible* stream of moisture left by the engines of a jet flying at high altitudes.
  2. eliminate
    get rid of; remove; omit

    • When the railroad tracks are raised, the danger of crossing will be eliminated.
    • When figuring the cost of a car, don't eliminate such extras as air conditioning.
    • If we were to eliminate all reclining* chairs, no one would fall asleep while watching television.
  3. villain
    a very wicked person

    • A typical* moving picture villain gets killed at the end.
    • The villain concealed* the corpse* in the cellar.
    • When the villain fell down the well, everyone lived happily ever after.
  4. dense
    closely packed together; thick

    • The dense leaves on the trees let in a minimum* of sunlight.
    • We couldn't row because of the dense weeds in the lake.
    • His keen* knife cut through the dense jungle.
  5. utilize
    make use of

    • No one seems willing to utilize this vacant* house.
    • The gardener was eager to utilize different flowers and blend* them in order to beautify the borders.
    • Does your mother utilize leftovers in  her cooking?
  6. humid
    moist; damp

    • It was so humid in our classroom that we wished the school would buy an air conditioner.
    • New Yorkers usually complain in the summer of the humid air.
    • Most people believe that ocean air is quite humid.
  7. theory
    explanation based on thought, observation, or reasoning

    • Einstein's theory is really too difficult for the average person to understand.
    • My uncle has a theory about the effect of weather on baseball batters.
    • No one has advanced a convincing theory explaining the beginnings ofwriting.
  8. descend
    go or come down from a higher place to a lower level

    • If we let the air out of a balloon, it will have to descend.
    • The pilot, thinking his plane was in  peril,* descended quickly.
    • Knowing her beau was waiting at the bottom of the staircase, Eleanor descended at once.
  9. circulate
    go around; go from place to place or person to person

    • A fan may circulate the air in summer, but it doesn't cool it.
    • My father circulated among the guests at the party and made them feel comfortable.
    • Hot water circulates through the pipes in the building, keeping the room warm
  10. enormous
    extremely large; huge

    • The enormous crab moved across the ocean floor in search of food.
    • Public hangings once drew enormous crowds.
    • The gallant* knight drew his sword and killed the enormous dragon.
  11. predict
    tell beforehand

    • Weathermen can predict the weather correctly most of the time.
    • Who can predict the winner of the Super Bowl this year?
    • Laura thought she could predict what I would do, but she was wrong.
  12. vanish
    disappear; disappear suddenly

    • Even in California the sun will sometimes vanish behind a cloud.
    • Not even a powerful witch can make a jealous* lover vanish.
    • Give him a week without a job and all his money will vanish.
  13. tradition
    beliefs, opinions, and customs handed down from one generation to another

    • The father tried to persuade* his son that the tradition of marriage was important.
    • All religions have different beliefs and traditions.
    • As time goes on, we will eliminate* traditions that are meaningless.
  14. rural
    in the country

    • Tomatoes are less expensive* at the rural farm stand.
    • Rural areas are not densely* populated.
    • The rural life is much more peaceful than the city one.
  15. burden
    what is carried; a load

    • The burden of the country's safety is in the hands of the president.
    • Irma found the enormous* box too much of a burden.
    • Ricky carried the burden throughout his college career.
  16. campus
    grounds of a college, university, or school

    • The campus was designed to utilize* all of the college's buildings.
    • Jeff moved off campus when he decided it was cheaper to live at home. 
    • I chose to go to Penn State because it has a beautiful campus.
  17. majority
    the larger number; greater part; more than half

    • A majority of votes was needed for the bill to pass.
    • The majority of people prefer to pay wholesale* prices for meat.
    • In some countries, the government does not speak for the majority of the people
  18. assemble
    gather together; bring together

    • The rioters assembled outside the White House.
    • I am going to assemble a model of a spacecraft.
    • All the people who had assembled for the picnic vanished* when the rain began to fall.
  19. explore
    go over carefully; look into closely; examine

    • Lawyer Spence explored the essential* reasons for the crime.
    • The weather bureau explored the effects of the rainy weather.
    • Sara wanted to know if all of the methods for solving the problem had been explored.
  20. topic
    subject that people think, write, or talk about

    • Predicting* the weather is our favorite topic of conversation.
    • Valerie only discussed topics that she knew well.
    • The speaker's main topic was how to eliminate* hunger in this world.
  21. debate
    a discussion in which reasons for and against something are brought out

    • The debate between the two candidates was heated.
    • Debate in the U.S. Senate lasted for five days.
    • Instead of shrieking* at each other, the students decided to have a debate on the topic.*
  22. evade
    get away from by trickery or cleverness

    • Juan tried to evade the topic* by changing the subject.
    • In order to evade the police dragnet, Ernie grew a beard.
    • The prisoner of war evaded questioning by pretending to be sick.
  23. probe
    search into; examine thoroughly; investigate 

    • The lawyer probed the man's mind to see if he was innocent.
    • After probing the scientist's theory,* we proved it was correct.
    • King Henry's actions were carefully probed by the noblemen.
  24. reform
    make better; improve by removing faults

    • After the prison riot, the council decided to reform the correctional system.
    • Brad reformed when he saw that breaking the law was hurting people other than himself.
    • Only laws that force companies to reform will clear the dangerous vapors* from our air.
  25. approach
    come near or nearer to

    • The lawyers in the trial were often asked to approach the bench.
    • Her beau kissed Sylvia when he approached her.
    • Ben approached the burden* of getting a job with a new spirit.
  26. detect
    find out; discover

    • Sam Spade detected that the important papers had vanished.*
    • From her voice it was easy to detect that Ellen was frightened.
    • We detected from the messy room that a large group of people had assembled* there.
  27. defect
    fault; that which is wrong

    • My Chevrolet was sent back to the factory because of a steering defect.
    • His theory* of the formation of our world was tilled with defects.
    • The villain* was caught because his plan had many defects
  28. employee
    a person who works for pay

    • The employees went on strike for higher wages.
    • My boss had to tire many employees when meat became scarce.*
    • Joey wanted to go into business for himself and stop being an employee.
  29. neglect
    give too little care or attention to

    • The senator neglected to make his annual* report to Congress.
    • Bob's car got dirty when he neglected to keep it polished.
    • It is essential* that you do not neglect your homework.
  30. deceive
    make someone believe as true something that is false; mislead

    • Atlas was deceived about the burden* he had to carry.
    • Virginia cried when she learned that her best friend had deceived her.
    • The villain* deceived ChiefWhite Cloud by pretending to be his friend.
  31. undoubtedly
    certainly; beyond doubt

    • Ray's team undoubtedly had the best debators* in our county.
    • The pilgrims undoubtedly assembled* to travel to Rome together.
    • If she didn't want to get into an argument, Valerie would have followed the majority* undoubtedly.
  32. popular
    liked by most people

    • The Beatles wrote many popular songs.
    • At one time miniskirts were very popular.
    • Popular people often find it hard to evade* their many friends.
  33. thorough
    being all that is  needed; complete

    • The police made a thorough search of the house after the crime had been reported.
    • My science teacher praised Sandy for doing a thorough job of cleaning up the lab.
    • Mom decided to spend the day in giving the basement a thorough cleaning.
  34. client
    person for whom a lawyer acts; customer

    • The lawyer told her client that she could predict* the outcome of his trial.
    • My uncle tried to get General Motors to be a client of his company.
    • If this restaurant doesn't improve its service, all its clients will vanish.*
  35. comprehensive
    including much; covering completely

    • After a comprehensive exam, my doctor said I was in good condition.
    • The engineer gave our house a thorough*, comprehensive checkup before my father bought it.
    • Mrs. Silver wanted us to do a comprehensive study of Edgar Allan Poe.
  36. defraud
    take money, rights, etc., away by cheating

    • My aunt saved thousands of dollars by defrauding the government.
    • If we could eliminate* losses from people who defraud the government, tax rates could be lowered.
    • By defrauding his friend, Dexter ruined a family tradition* of honesty.
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