social psych quiz 7

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  1. conflict
    perceived incompatibility of actions or goals
  2. peace
    condition marked by low levels of hostility and aggression and by mutually beneficial relationships
  3. social trap
    situation in which the conflicting parties by each rationally pursuing its self interest become caught in mutually destructive behavior. examples include the prisoners dilemma and the tragedy of commons
  4. tragedy of commons
    the commons is any shared resource including air water energy sources and food supplies. the tragedy occurs when individuals consume more than their share with the cost of their doing so dispersed among all causing the ultimate collapse the tragedy of the commons
  5. none zero sum games
    games in which outcomes need not sum to zero. with cooperation both can win with competition both an lose
  6. mirror image perceptions
    reciprocal views of each other often held by parties in conflict. for example each may view itself as moral and peace loving and the other as evil and aggresive
  7. equal status contact
    contact on an equal basis. just as a relationship between people of unequal status breeds attitudes consistent with their relationship so do relationships of those with equal status. thus to reduce prejudice interracial contact should ideally be between persons of equal status.
  8. subordinate goal
    shared goal that necessitates cooperative effort, a goal that overrides peoples differences from one another
  9. bargaining
    seeking an agreement to a conflict through direct negotiation between parties
  10. mediation
    attempt by a neutral third party to resolve a conflict by facilitating communication and offering suggestions
  11. arbitration
    resolution of a conflict by a neutral third party who studies both sides and imposes a settlement
  12. integrative agreements
    win win agreements that reconcile both parties interests to their mutual benefit
  13. GRIT
    graduated and reciprocated initiative in tension reduction. strategy designed to deescalate international tension
  14. clinical psychology
    study assessment and treatment of people with psychological difficulties
  15. depressive realism
    tendency of mildly depressed people to make accurate rather than self serving judgments attributions and predictions.
  16. explanatory style
    ones habitual way of explaining life events. a negative, pessimistic depressive explanatory style attributes to failure to stable global and internal causes
  17. behavioral medicine
    interdisciplinary field that integrates and applies behavioral and medical knowledge about health and disease
  18. health psychology
    psychological roots of health and illness. offers psychology's contribution to behavioral medicine
  19. misinformation effect
    incorporating misinformation into ones memory of the event after witnessing an event and receiving misleading information about it
  20. reactance
    motive to protect or restore ones sense of freedom. reactance arises when someone threatens our freedom of action
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