Neuro Final 8

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  1. A nerve fiber classifications
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Gamma
    • Delta
  2. As you descend nerve fiber classification you ___________
    Loose diameter, size, myelination, and conduction velocity
  3. 1A fibers are equivalent to ____________
    A alpha and are your primary afferents from the muscle spindle
  4. 1A fibers are also equivalent to ________
    A alpha and are afferents from the golgi tendon organs
  5. Type II fibers are equivalent to ______
    A beta and are secondary afferents coming from nuclear chain of muscle spindle
  6. Macroglia classifications
    • Astrocytes
    • Oligodendrocytes
    • Ependymal cells
  7. Astrocytes
    • 1. Skeleton of CNS
    • 2. Insulators within CNS
    • 3. Part of chemical transport system responsible for metabolism which allows for the production of energy
    • 4. Proliferate in response to injury or disease in attempt to rewire the system
  8. Oligodendrocyte
    Form myelin sheaths around axon of CNS
  9. Ependymal cells
    Line ventricular system
  10. Microglia
    Proliferate in response to disease or injury working with the astrocytes to help rewire the system
  11. Schwann cells
    Glial cells of PNS that form myelin sheaths around the cranial and spinal nerves
  12. Converging information
    • Multiple sources influencing a single neuron and their output fibers
    • Ex: sensory system
  13. Diverging information
    • Supplies or influences active of numerous neurons and their output fibers
    • Ex: motor system
  14. Types of circuits
    • Closed
    • Open
    • Parallel
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