Neuro Final 5

  1. what do you see ventrally at rhombencephalon?
    Pons proper
  2. What do you see laterally at rhombencephon?
    Origin of middle cerebellar peduncle
  3. Has the same or different marking as the closed medulla?
  4. Where does the spinal cord end?
    T12- L3
  5. What occurs at the case of the spinal cord
    Narrows to cone shaped conus medularis and terminates with filum terminales
  6. Dorsal root
  7. Ventral root
  8. The white matter of each half of the spinal cord is divided into _______________ by the more centrally located gray matter
    3 funiciuli (ventral, dorsal, lateral)
  9. each funiculus is composed of fibrosis tracts known as __________
  10. propriospinal fasculi
    • contains ascending and descending fibers
    • doesn’t leave SC
    • has to do with reflexes
  11. how are fasculi named
    • place of origin to place of destination
    • contain ascending or descending info (not both)
  12. anterior white commissure
    • fibers interconnecting the two halves of the SC
    • located ant to central canal and gray commissure
  13. SC gray/white matter
    • Gray matter: inside
    • White matter outside
  14. Laminae I – IV
    • Substancia gelatinosa
    • Receives extroceptive input
    • -----pain, temp, touch, pressure
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