N420 Exam 3 Trauma

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  1. Five levels of emergency triage in descending order of severity.
    • 1.Resuscitation
    • 2.Emergent
    • 3.Urgent
    • 4.Non-urgent
    • 5.Minor
  2. Primary survey ABCD method. (Pellico p.1439)
    • Establish patent AIRWAY
    • Provide ventilation (BREATHING)
    • Eval & restore CO: control hemorrhage, prevent/treat shock, maintain/restore CIRCULATION, prevent/treat hypothermia
    • Determine neuro DISABILITY (GCS)
  3. NEVER use what with corrosive poisons?
    Syrup of ipecac to induce vomiting
  4. What does the color RED mean for triage category during a mass casualty incident?
    • life-threatening injuries but survivable with minimal intervention.
    • -sucking chest wound
    • shock
    • hemothorax, tension pneumothorax
    • asphyxia
    • unstable chest & ab wounds
    • incomplete amputations
    • open long bone fractures
    • 2nd-3rd degree burns 15%-40% TBSA
  5. Who provides scene control and collection of forensic evidence in a disaster?
    DOJ (FEMA)
  6. What does the color YELLOW mean for triage category during a mass casualty incident?
    • IMMEDIATE; Delayed.
    • Sig injuries but can wait hrs.
    • -stable ab wounds w/o sig hemorrhage
    • soft tissue injuries
    • GU disruption
  7. What does the color GREEN mean for triage category during a mass casualty incident?
    • URGENT; Minimal.  
    • Minor injuries, can be delayed hrs to days.
    • -upper extremity fractures
    • minor burns, 
    • sprains
    • small lacerations w/o sig bleeding
    • psych disturbances
  8. First step in decontamination.
    Remove clothing & jewelry & rinse pt with water
  9. Second step in decontamination.
    Thorough soap-and-water wash and rinse
  10. Decontamination & treatment for nerve agent exposure.
    • Copious amts of soap & water or saline for 8-20 min
    • BLOT water, do not wipe off skin
    • maintain airway; suction
    • atropine IV
    • pralidoxime
    • diazepam
  11. _______ is often assiciated with the odor of bitter almonds.
    Cyanide release
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