Suboccipital Triangle.txt

  1. Boundaries of Suboccipital Triangle
    • Superiomedially – Rectus capitis posterior major

    • Superiolaterally – Superior oblique

    • Inferiolaterally – Inferior oblique

    • Floor – Posterior atlanto-occipital membrane and posterior arch of C1

    • Roof – Semispinalis capitis
  2. Contents of Suboccipital Triangle
    • Vertebral A.
    • Suboccipital N. (C1)
  3. Rectus Capitis Posterior Major: Attachments
    Spinous process of Axis (C2)

    Inferior nuchal line (lateral to RCP Minor)
  4. Rectus Capitis Posterior Major: Action
    Bilatterally: Extends the head

    Unilaterally: Rotation of head ipsilaterally
  5. Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor: Attachments
    Posterior tubercle of Atlas (C1)

    Inferior nuchal line (adjacent to midline)
  6. Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor: Actions
    Extension of Head (bilaterally)
  7. Obliques Capitis Inferior: Attachments
    Spinous process of Axis (C2)

    Transverse process of Atlas (C1)
  8. Obliques Capitis Inferior: Action
    Rotation of head ipsilaterally
  9. Obliques Capitis Superior: Attachments
    Transverse process of Atlas (C1)

    Occipital bone (between superior and inferior nuchal lines)
  10. Suboccipital Muscles: Innervation & Blood Supply
    Suboccipital N. (posterior rami C1)

    Vertebral A. (muscular branches)
  11. Obliques Capitis Superior: Actions
    Bilaterally: Extension of head

    Unilaterally: Lateral flexion ipsilaterally
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