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  1. Was Bartok def like Beethoven
  2. Was the new music period emotional or motional
  3. What year did Schoenberg start the 12 tone method/tone row technique?
  4. How many symphonies did Roy Harris write?
  5. Was Bessie Smith an outstanding blues player
  6. What country was Milhaud from?
  7. Fletcher Henderson and his big band from New York
    Came from a Georgia plabtation

    gifted pianist and arranger 

    had a 12 piece band
  8. What jazz movement was Scott Joplin from?
  9. What was Igor Stravinsky outstanding in?
    • Master of Ballets
    • Pianist
    • composer
    • conductor
  10. Art is the 20th century
    Who knows
  11. The most significant composer from Eastern Europe
    Bela Bartok
  12. Bitonality
    The use of 2 keys at the same time
  13. Where was Lenard Bernstein from and what was his orchestra?
    • America
    • New York Philharmonic
  14. Who was the first Native to America to produce a musical composition
    Francis Hopkins
  15. How important was Roy Harris in American music and how was he recognized
    • Very important
    • Musical spokesman for America
  16. What did Charles Ives do besides compose music?
    Sold insurance
  17. Neo-classicism
    20th century techniques within the framework of 18th century music
  18. What was the secondary influence on jazz?
    Minstrel shows
  19. Where did composers have to go before they were recognized?
  20. Was Europe ahead of America in the realization of jazz?
  21. Was Virgil Thomson a disciple of Bach?
  22. Walter Piston was from what university?
  23. What was Charles Ives forte?
    writing symphonies
  24. How important was Roy Harris?
  25. Howard Hanson dealt with what kind of music?
  26. What was George Gershwin relationship to jazz and classical music?
    The first to use jazz idiom in classical music
  27. What was Aaron Copeland's forte?
    writing ballets
  28. Where did furturism originate?
  29. Atonality
    destroys the traditional gravity towards a tonal center through application of the tone-row technique
  30. Polymetrical rhythm vs. polyrhythm
    • Polymetrical: two or more meters at the same time
    • polyrhythm:  two or more rhythmic patterns at the same time
  31. Who was the musical giant of the 20th century?
    Igor Stravinsky
  32. Howard Hanson became what at the Eastman School of Music?
    The director
  33. What was Richard Strauss's music defined as?
    post romantic and realistic
  34. What kind of music did the rolling stones play?
    black soul tunes
  35. How important was Howard Hanson to Roy Harris?
    Hanson gave Harris his first big break
  36. Expressionism vs primitivism
    • Expressionism:  musical ideas come from intimate subjective emotions and psychological introspection
    • primitivism: Turns to uncivilized cultures  for musical ideas, rhythms, and melodies
  37. Was Howard Hanson's musical primarily romantic?
  38. Was Virgil Thomson's music of the fringes/out in left field?
  39. What was Arnold Schonberg branded as?
    Charlatan and madman
  40. Who was the musical giant of the 20th century?
    Igor Stravinsky
  41. Did Stravinsky study with Wagner?
  42. Who was the first USSR composer to be recognized?
    Demitri Shostakovitch
  43. Lenard Bernstein said all music comes from what origin?
    Low class origin
  44. Have American composers written music in regards to the audiences emotions?
  45. Who played with the Austin High Gang?
    Benny Goodman
  46. Who played with the Wolverines?
    Tommy Dorsey
  47. Bop vs. Cool jazz
    • Bop is for dancing
    • cool is for listening
  48. Three main styles of jazz
    • New Orleans, improv
    • Chicago, improv
    • New York, written
  49. what is the heartbeat of jazz?
  50. what is the break in jazz?
    the music plays and the singer rests
  51. Jazz has what other steps besides whole and half?
  52. What notes are lowered in the major scale in jazz?
    3, 5, 7
  53. Who is the marching band king?
  54. What kind of jazz influenced the pop song movement and when?
    blues, tin pan alley area, 1914
  55. hot rhythms stem from where?
  56. Who was Mahalia Jackson and what did she do?
    One of the greatest spiritual singers
  57. Where does the banjo come from?
  58. William Dawson is a famous what composer?
  59. How many movements in a symphony?
  60. how many movements in a concerto?
  61. What did Walter piston write and was it programmatic or absolute?
    • The incredible flutist
    • programmatic
  62. What did Ralph Vaughn Williams write to bring England into the forefront again?
    Fantasia on a theme by tallis
  63. Who was an outstanding performer of cool jazz?
    Dave Brubreck
  64. If you are playing in a swing band, are you a performer and composer?
    no, the music is written
  65. Where did bop get its start?
    New York
  66. What 2 cities are associated with King Oliver?
    New Orleans and Chicago
  67. Where the Original Dixie Band black or white?
  68. What city did ragtime get its start?
    St. Louis
  69. Where did electronic music get its start?
    Colombia University
  70. Who named Rock'n Roll?
    Alan Freed
  71. What is a synthesizer?
    an electronic instrument that makes sounds
  72. What is a goof example of a plantation song?
    Turkey in the straw
  73. Where did ragtime get its start?
    • St. Louis
    • remember Fats Waller
  74. Two outstanding names in New Orleans and Chicago jazz
    • Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong
    • King Oliver
  75. Cool Jazz if for?
  76. Musical giant of the 20th century
    Igor Stravinsky
  77. Pandiatonicism
    The tonality of one key is strongly established, but dissonance occurs freely
  78. before the curtain goes up at an opera or broadway musical, what is played?
    Prefatory Overture
  79. Punk rock
    • loud playing
    • outrages dress
    • ugly behavior
  80. Peter and the wolf
    Serge Prokofiev
  81. Amahl and the night visitors
    Gian-Carlo Menotti
  82. Petrushka
    Igor Stravinsky
  83. Appalachian spring
    Aaron Copeland
  84. Porgy and Bess
    George Gershwin
  85. Adagio for strings
    Samuel Barber
  86. Sacred Music
    Ernest Bloch
  87. Andante for orchestra
    Hanson and Harris
  88. Wozzeck and Lu Lu
    Alban Berg
  89. Dumbarton oaks concerto
    Igor Stravinsky
  90. Grand Canyon Suite
    Ferde Grofe
  91. Memphis blues
    W.C. Handy
  92. Dipper mouth blues
    King Oliver's group
  93. Fantasia on a theme by tallis
    Ralph Vaughn Williams
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