3M 1.3

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  1. What is a 1.3 event?
    Program Assessment
  2. How many days is a 1.3 event?
    2 day event
  3. What is accomplished during 1.3 (Program assessment) event?
    • AER and CVF assessed for all work centers
    • EER and RAF assessed for 3MC
  4. EER is comprised of what?
    • 1 Equipment Verification Validation (EVV) per work center
    • Sked Proficiency Factor (SPF) and Maintenance Proficiency Factor (MPF)
  5. What percentage is required for Maintenance Proficiency Factor (MPF)?
    10% of qualified personnel
  6. What minimum grade is required for all areas assessed?
    85% to move onto the 3M 1.4 PMS Assessment
  7. What is required in the event standards are not met?
    Remediation will occur and ATG will re-inspect failed work centers
  8. What happens when standards are achieved?
    The 13 week “clock” begins in advance of the PMS assessment
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