rabbit disease

  1. Bacterial infection causing diarrhea and death
  2. Infecction of the doe's mammary glands often caused by Staph or Strep (types of bacteria)
    Mastitis (blue breast)
  3. Swelling caused by infection under the skin
    Abcess (Boil)
  4. How do you treat vent disease?
    Penicillin ointment and injections
  5. What is the initial treatment for diarrhea?
    Remove pellets, feed hay and rolled oats
  6. How do you treat Coccidiosis?
    Sulfa medication
  7. Disease spread by insects and birds. Symptoms include swollen eyes, ears, nose and genitals. More common in western states.
  8. What disease causes bad condition, pot belly and loose droppings, is spread in the droppings of rabbits and comes in two forms - liver and intestinal.
  9. Bacterial infecction spread by mating.
    Vent disease (rabbit syphallis)
  10. Difficulty breathing, bluish color to the lips, tongue and ears.
  11. A fungal infection of the skin.
  12. Name a cause of sore hocks
    Thin fur on food pad, wet and dirty cage, rought wire, nervous rabbit, long toenails, inherited
  13. Condition of a rabbit with profuse drooling caused by tooth infection or illness
  14. Eye with a milky film over the surface.
    Wall eye (moon eye)
  15. Bacterial infection in the eye often due to a Pasteurella or Staph infection
    Weepy eye
  16. Very contagious disease that kills rapidly. Symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, depression, seizures and bloody nasal discharge.
    VHD (viral hemmorragic disease)
  17. Symptoms of this diease include sloshy belly, grinding teeth and jelly-like secretion in the stool.
    Mucoid enteritis
  18. Scabs and crusting in the ears are known as what?
    Ear Canker (ear mites)
  19. What is the treatment for wet dewlap?
    Remove excess hair, apply antibiotic ointment
  20. How do you treat weepy eye?
    Antibiotic eye ointment
  21. What is the treatment for Mange (fur mites)?
    Cat flea powder, Ivermectic
  22. Contagious disease caused by an infection of Pasteurella or Bordetella. Symptoms include sneezing and discharge from the nose.
  23. Name two ways to control disease in your rabbitry.
    Quarantine new rabbits, strict sanitation, good ventilation, good nutrition and fresh water, strict culling, rodent and insect control
  24. Bacterial infection of the dewlap
    Wet dewlap
  25. A deistended, large stomach is known as what?
    Pot Belly
  26. Symptoms of this disease are hair loss and flaking skin.
    Mange (fur mites)
  27. This disease is often caused by Pasteruella and causes the head to twist to the side.
    Wry Neck
  28. What is the treatment for Ear Canker (ear mites)?
    Mineral or vegetable oil or ear mite medication.
  29. Name two ways to control disease in the rabbitry.
    Keep hutches, food and water containers clean, do not lend rabbits, quarantine new rabbits, provide fresh food and clean water, properly dispose of dead rabbits.
  30. True or False?
    Red urine is a symptom of bladder infection in rabbits.
    • False
    • This is normal discharge of undigested protein.
  31. Sores on the bottoms of the feet indicate what disease?
    Sore hocks
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