Token System

  1. What is the purpose of a token system?
    • a. The child knows what they are working for
    • b. The child sees progress toward their goal
    • c. The child learns to wait for the reinforcer
  2. What are the prerequisites for using a token system?
    a.) The child is responding well to primary reinforcement

    b.) The child can wait for the reinforcer
  3. What kind of reinforcers can a child earn through a token system?
    • a. Activity
    • b. Toys
    • c. Praise
    • d. edibles
    • e. Social Play
    • f. Games
    • g. Free time
  4. If a child is earning a toy though a token board what kind of other reinforcers could be used at the same time?
    Anything that isn't a tangable object
  5. What are the procedures for establishing a token system?
    • a. Establish behaviors to be reinforced
    • b. Establish schedule of reinforcement
    • c. Establish medium of exchange
  6. What two things make up a behavior contract?
    1. Clearly states the behavior to be performed by the student

    2. Clearly states the consequences available.
  7. When do you mention the behavior contract to the child?
    • a) Right before the activity
    • b) Restate the contract when delivering the ¬†reinforcer.
  8. How do you fade out a behavior contract?
    a) Review the contract - child  holds the contract - review again when delivering reinforcer

    b) Review - Teacher holds the contract - Review again

    c) Verbally review only at the end

    d) no contract
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