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  1. How many of the states sent delegates to Philadelphia?
  2. which state did not?
    rhode island
  3. in all how many delegates were chosen to attend? How many actually attended the convention?
  4. which state legislature, controlled by soft money forces, and helped by inflation was against a stronger central government?
    Rhode Island
  5. which delegation did not reach Philadelphia until late July even though the convention began on May 25?
    new Hampshire
  6. the delegates were referred to as what?
    group or framers
  7. name 2 delegates that went on to become presidents.
    James Madison and George Washington
  8. name a delegate that became the first secretary of the treasury.
    Alexander Hamilton
  9. how many had signed the declaration of independence?
  10. what was the average age of the delegates?
  11. nearly half of the delegates were in their______.
  12. which delegate was the oldest?
    benjamin franklin
  13. which patriot said he "smelt a rat" and refused to attend?
    Patrick Henry
  14. name 4 famous Americans that were not in attendance.
    Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas jefferson, John hancock
  15. who was the president of the convention
    George Washington
  16. each state delegation was to have how many votes
  17. what would carry a proposal
  18. who was the secretary that kept the conventions journal
    William Jackson
  19. most of what is known of the work of the convention came from what
    James Madison's notes
  20. who is regarded as the father of the constitution
    James Madison
  21. the framers met on _____ of the 116 days
  22. the Philadelphia convention was called for what reason? However, what did the delegates realize they were there for
    Recommend revisions in the articles of confederation/ create a new government
  23. no state had more to do with the calling of the convention than?
  24. complete the following proposal put forth by Edmond Randolph of Virginia: resolved that a _____________________________________.
    national government ought to be established consisting of a supreme legislative, executive, and judiciary
  25. on may 29, the Virginia plan was put forth. It was primarily the work of who
    James Madison
  26. what did the virginis plan in the end call for?
    the creation of a national government with expanded powers and the powers to enforce its decisions
  27. who was the conventions most outspoken champion for a stronger central government
    Alexander Hamilton
  28. which plan would call for a federal executive of more than one person
    new jersey plan
  29. the two major plans centered on what question?
    how should the states be represented in congress
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