1. humanus
    having worthy qualities of human beings
  2. humanism
    philosophy in which values of human beings are important
  3. humanities
    branches of knowledge concerned with human beings and there culture
  4. anthropology
    the study of the origins of human beings
  5. misanthrope
    a person who hates all people
  6. homicide
    killing of one person by another
  7. virile
  8. gynecology
    medicine dealing with reproductive system in woman
  9. feminism
    belief that women should have equal rights
  10. feminist
    supporter who believes woman should have equal rights as men
  11. autocrat
    a ruler who has absolute power
  12. automaton
    a robot
  13. autonomy
  14. autopsy
    examination of corpse
  15. egoism
    valuing everything according to one's personal interest
  16. genealogy
    a record of decent from one's ancestors
  17. genocide
    the killing of a group of people
  18. genre
    a type
  19. genteel
    well mannered
  20. gentile
    not jewish
  21. gentry
    well bred people
  22. heterogeneous
    having parts that are different
  23. homogeneous
    the same kind
  24. congenital
    existing at birth
  25. engender
    to bring into existence
  26. genesis
    a beginning
  27. indigenous
  28. ingenious
  29. progenitor
    an ancestor
  30. progeny
  31. matrix
    the surroundings within which something begins
  32. matriarchy
    society controlled by woman
  33. matriculate
    to register as a student at a college
  34. patriarch
    male head of family
  35. patrimony
    a family inheritence
  36. patronage
  37. patronize
    to go to regularly
  38. patronymic
    name derived from paternal ancestor
  39. fraternal
  40. fraternize
    to be friendly with
  41. avuncular
    like an uncle
  42. familial
    having to do with family
  43. uxorious
    dominated by ones wife
  44. bigamy
    marriage to two mates
  45. monogamy
    marriage to a single mate
  46. puerile
  47. orthopedics
    branch of medicine treating disorders in skeletal system
  48. pedagogue
    a teacher
  49. pedant
    a person who pays excessive attention to learning rules rather than to understanding
  50. entity
    something that has a real independence
  51. nonentity
    a thing of no importance
  52. essence
    the basic element
  53. moribund
    about to die
  54. mortify
    to shame
  55. postmortem
    an autopsy
  56. euthanasia
    mercy killing
  57. innate
    possessed at birth
  58. naive
  59. nascent
    coming into existence
  60. renaissance
    a rebirth
  61. amicable
  62. amity
  63. enamored
    in love with
  64. inimical
  65. odious
  66. bibliophile
    lover of books
  67. philanthropy
    a charitable gift/goodwill
  68. phobia
    strong fear
  69. acrophobia
    fear of heights
  70. hydrophobia
    fear of water
  71. xenophobia
    fear of what is foreign
  72. appease
    to calm
  73. pacific
  74. pacify
    to calm
  75. antipathy
    a hatred
  76. apathy
    lack of feeling
  77. empathy
    ability to identify somebody else's feelings
  78. pathological
    the study of disease
  79. pathos
    feeling of sympathy
  80. misogamy
    hatred of marriage
  81. misogyny
    hatred of woman
  82. dysentery
    severe diarrhea
  83. dyslexia
    a difficulty learning to read
  84. covet
    to crave something that belongs to somebody else
  85. cupidity
  86. complacent
    self satisfied
  87. implacable
    impossible to calm
  88. placate
    to calm
  89. placid
    showing calmness
  90. domicile
    a home
  91. domestic
    related to family or household
  92. domain
    range of one's control
  93. domineer
    to dominate
  94. dominion
  95. dormant
  96. somnambulate
    sleep walking
  97. somnolent
  98. ablution
    washing of the body
  99. deluge
    a downpour
  100. divest
    to steal
  101. investiture
    a ceremony in which a person formally receives the authority of an office
  102. travesty
    an absurd imitation
  103. vestmant
    a garment that indicates authority
  104. vested
    a concern for something from which a person expects to get personal benefit
  105. concoct
    to mix ingredients
  106. cuisine
    a characteristic style of cooking
  107. precocious
    unusually early developement
  108. carnivorous
    meat eating
  109. herbivorous
    plant eating
  110. voracious
    extremely hungry
  111. mellifluos
    sweet as honey
  112. saline
    having to do with salt
  113. imbibe
    to drink
  114. potable
    fit to drink
  115. potion
    a liquid for drinking
  116. allude
    to make an indirect reference to
  117. collusion
    a conspiracy
  118. delusion
    a false belief
  119. elude
    to evade
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