1350: Wound Healing EXAM 3

  1. What are the types of wound healing intentions?
    Primary intention: tissue surfaces are approximated; surgical incision.

    Secondary intention: extensive tissue loss & wound CANNOT be approximated.

    Tertiary intention: wounds left open to allow for edema or infection to resolve.
  2. What are the phases of wound healing and what happens?

    Inflammatory: hemostasis phagocytosis (macrophages)

    • Proliferative: (3-21 days after injury)
    • 1) floroblasts begin to make collegen.
    • 2) granulation tissue forms.

    Maturation: scar formation (keloids)
  3. Effects of wound healing.

    What are the lab values for adequate nutrition?

    Lifestyle changes?

    Meds that effect wound healing.
    • Calories: 30-35 kcal/kg
    • Protein: 1.25 - 1.50 g/kg
    • Vitamins A & D
    • Zinc: 200 mg/daily

    Exercise; smoking

    Anti-neoplastic agents; corticosteroids
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1350: Wound Healing EXAM 3
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