CWI Part A

  1. Why is there an increasing need for weld quality? a. safety b. economics c. less conservative design d. government regulations e. all of the above
    All of the above
  2. What AWS document describes the rules for the CWI certification program?
    AWS QC-1
  3. Weld quality control should begin after welding has been initiated.
  4. What are the three welding inspector certifications covered in AWS QC-1?
  5. What is generally considered to be the most important quality of a welding inspector?
    professional attitude
  6. The vision requirements for a CWI are near vision acuity on:
    Jaeger 52 at 12 inches, with or without corrective lenses
  7. The acronym KASH stands for:
    knowledge, attitude, skills, and habits
  8. The welding inspector should have a basic understanding of a. welding processes b. nondestructive testing methods c. a and b above d. codes and standards e. all of the above
    all of the above
  9. The term used to describe a delay in the production schedule to permit inspection is:
    hold point
  10. Inspection report corrections should be made by:
    single-line out the error, correct the error, date, and initial 
  11. A definition of ethics is: a. using common sense and honesty b. living by the rules c. being fair and impartial d. basing decisions on facts e. all of the above
    all of the above 
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