abdominal anatomy

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  1. What are the five main branches of the aorta?
    • 1.) Celiac artery, trunk or axis
    • 2.) Superior Mesenteric A.
    • 3.) Rt. and Lt. Renal arteries
    • 4.) Inferior Mesenteric A.
  2. What lies anterior to the surface between the diaphragmatic crura?

    Is the diaphragmatic crura easily seen on everyone?
    Celiac artery

  3. How far from the origin of the celiac artery does it branch into the three branches?

    And what is the percent of people that is formed this way or that branches this way?
    1 to 3 cm

    93%  of individuals branch this way
  4. What vessels can be described as a "sea gull"?
    celiac artery

    splenic artery

    common hepatic artery
  5. What does "Hilum" mean?
    part of an organ where vessels enter and leave
  6. What percent of people have the described hepatic artery configuration?

    Can you see it well with ultrasound?
    72% of individuals

  7. What does the SMA feed? (3)
    • 1.) jejunum, ileum, cecum, and ascending colon (small intestine)..
    • 2.) proximal 2/3 of transverse colon
    • 3.) parts of the duodenum and pancreatic head
  8. What vessel is surrounded by a distinctive triangular mantle of fat is used as a orientation landmark for scanning abdominal vessels?
    superior mesenteric a.
  9. What does Pre-prandial mean?
    patient is fasting
  10. What does Post-prandial mean?
    within the 30-90 minutes after eating
  11. What vessel's flow is affected by eating?
    superior mesenteric a.
  12. What vessel's flow pattern will change from low resistance to high resistance with pathology?
    Celiac A.
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