Heart murmurs--Escobar

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  1. What produces the two normal heart sounds?
    • * S1: closure of AV (tricuspid and mitral) valves
    • * S2: closure of semilunar (aortic and pulmonary) valves
    • - S3: in early diastole produced by vibration of ventricular filling; heard over apex while patient is at supine or left lateral position; early diastolic low pitch extra heart sound; increases with inspiration, exercise, elevation of legs, and with increased venous return
    • - S4: late diastole due to forceful atrial ejection
  2. Cardiac auscultation--Aortic area
    2nd R intercostal space
  3. Cardiac auscultation--Pulmonic area
    2nd L intercostal space
  4. Cardiac auscultation--Erb's point
    3rd L intercostal space
  5. Cardiac auscultation--tricuspid area
    4th L intercostal space (L lower sternal border)
  6. Cardiac auscultation--mitral area or apex
    5th L intercostal space (midclavicular line)
  7. Cardiac auscultation
    • - Aortic area: 2nd R intercostal space
    • - Pulmonic area: 2nd L intercostal space
    • - Erb's point: 3rd L intercostal space
    • - Tricuspid area: 4th L intercostal space (L lower sternal border)
    • - Mitral area/apex: 5th L intercostal space (midclavicular line)
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