1. Daunting
    intimidating, causing to lose courage
  2. Dearth
    a lack, scarcity
  3. Debacle
    a disastrous failure, disruption
  4. Debase
    to lower the quality
  5. Debauch
    to courrpt by means of sensual pleasures
  6. Debunk
    to expose the falseness
  7. Decorous
    socially proper, appropriate
  8. Decry
    to criticize openly
  9. Deface
    to ruin or injure something's appearance
  10. Defamatory
    harmful toward anothers reputation
  11. Defer
    to postpone something
  12. Deferential
    showing respect
  13. Defile
    to make unclean, impure
  14. Deft
    skillfull, capable
  15. Defunct
    no longer used or existing
  16. Delegate
    to hand over responsibility
  17. Deleterious
  18. Deliberate
    intentional, careful
  19. Delineate
    to describe, outline
  20. Demagogue
    a leader who appeals to people prejudice
  21. Demarcation
    the marking of boundaries
  22. Demean
    to lwoer the status
  23. Demure
    quiet, modest
  24. Denigrate
    to belittle
  25. Denounce
    to criticize publicly
  26. Deplore
    to feel or express sorrow
  27. Depravity
  28. Deprecate
    to belittle
  29. Derelict
  30. Deride
    to laugh at mockingly
  31. Derivative
    take ndirectly from a source
  32. Desecrate
    to violate the sacredness
  33. Desiccated
    dried up
  34. Desolate
    deserted, lifeless
  35. Despondent
    feeling depressed
  36. Despot
    one who has total power
  37. Destitute
  38. Deter
    to discourage
  39. Devious
    not straightfoward
  40. Dialet
    a variation of language
  41. Diaphanous
    light, airy
  42. Didactic
    inteded to instruct
  43. Diffident
    shy, quiet
  44. Diffuse
    to scatter, thin out
  45. Dilatory
    tending to delay
  46. Diligent
    showing hard work
  47. Diminutive
    small or miniature
  48. Dirge
    a mournful song
  49. Disaffected
    rebellious, resentful
  50. disavow
    to deny knowledge
  51. Discern
    to perceive
  52. Disclose
    to reveal
  53. discomfit
    to thwart, baffle
  54. Discordant
    not agreeing, not in harmony
  55. Discrepancy
    difference, failure of things
  56. Discretion
    the quality of being resevered in speech; good judgement
  57. Discursive
    rambling, lacking order
  58. Disdain
    to scorn
  59. Disgruntled
    upset, not content
  60. Disheartened
    feelign a loss of spirit or morale
  61. Disparage
    to criticize or speak ill
  62. Disparate
    sharply differing
  63. Dispatch
    to send off to
  64. Dispel
    to drive away
  65. Disperse
    to scatter
  66. Disrepute
    state of being held in low regard
  67. Dissemble
    to conceal, fake
  68. Disseminate
    to spread widely
  69. Dissent
    to disagree
  70. Dissonance
    lack of harmony
  71. Dissuade
    to persuade someone not to do something
  72. Distend
    to swell out
  73. Dither
    to be indecisive
  74. Divine
  75. Divisive
    causing discord
  76. Divulge
    to reveal something secret
  77. Docile
    easily taught
  78. Dogmatic
    aggresively and arrogantly certain
  79. Dormant
  80. Dour
    stern, joyless
  81. Dubious
  82. Duplicity
    crafty dishonest
  83. Duress
  84. Dynamic
    actively changing
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