Addiction - Pharmacology

  1. Which way does “tolerance” shift the dose-response curve
  2. Which way does “sensitization” shift the curve
  3. Who should be screened on substance abuse Everyone
  4. What is the #1 cause of relapse
  5. What are the 3 stages of abuse dependence
    1.development 2. Maintenance 3. Persistence
  6. Is withdrawal fatal with opioids
  7. Is withdrawal fatal with alcohol
    Yes- gran mal seizures
  8. Is OD fatal with opioids
  9. Is OD fatal with alcohol
  10. What happens when you mix alcohol with other drugs
    Increase risk of fatality
  11. What is the most fatal substance known to man kind
    Alcohol and cocaine
  12. Madarosis
    Searing off eyelashes and eyebrows from cocaine smoke
  13. If you see nasal perforation on routine exam be suspicious for use of this drug
  14. What are the steps of cocaine withdrawal
    Crash, withdrawal, extinction
  15. How do you differentiate cocaine from amphetamine use?
    Cocaine only lasts for 1 hr. amphetamine is longer
  16. Drugs where you see auditory hallucinations
  17. How do you tx barbiturate and hypnotic withdrawal
    Substitute long-acting benzos and gradually taper dose
  18. How do you treat alchohol withdrawal
    Benzos to attenuate withdrawal symptoms. Naltrexone once all alcohol is out of body. Disulfiram. Acamprosate
  19. How does disulfiram work
    Inhibits aldehyde dehydrogenase. Causes accumulation of acetylaldehyde which is toxic and causes adverse effects like vomiting
  20. How do you treat nicotine withdrawal
    Nicotine transdermal patch. Buproprion. Varencicline.
  21. How does buproprion work
    Weak inhibitor of dopamine uptake
  22. Hoes does varencicline work
    It’s a partial agonist of nicotine receptors?
  23. How do you tx someone addicted to more than once substance
    Tx both the addictions
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