Chapter 2

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  1. 5 Primary activities in QuickBooks
    • Open Program and Company
    • Maintenance
    • Processing Information Tasks
    • Obtaining Information
    • Reports
  2. Open Program and Company
    • Program
    • Click the icon on desktop or look in All Programs
    • Company
    • File, Choose between options to open company
  3. Hope Page items
    • Name of the Open Company
    • Menu Bar
    • Icon Bar
    • Home Page
  4. Maintenance
    Used to add, change, or delete information about such things as customers, vendors, and general ledger accounts (chart of accounts).
  5. Maintenance useful as
    developing and providing information for master files in an accounting systems.
  6. 5 Key master files in QuickBooks (maintenance)
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Employees
    • Inventory (Item & Services)
    • Chart of Accounts
  7. Processing Information Tasks
    Uses to perform the tasks needed to process and record transactions
  8. 3 Primary information processing categories in QuickBooks consistent with the three most common cycles in accounting
    • Sales and Cash Receipts (Customers)
    • Purchases and Cash Disbursements (Vendors)
    • Payroll (Employees)
  9. 3 ways to open windows in QuickBooks
    • From
    • Icon Bar
    • Home Page-Center Buttons
    • Menu Bar
  10. Default Information-how created
    Settings are established through original company setup or subsequent maintenance activities.
  11. Default Information-purpose
    Reduces the time needed to enter repetitive transaction information and the likelihood of mistakes
  12. Descriptive Fields
    include labels that describe the information that must be typed, selected, or accepted to complete the window
  13. Entry Boxes
    Typically located directly below or to the right of the description fields but are sometimes located to the left or elsewhere
  14. Drop-Down List Arrow
    identified by an adjacent down pointing arrow which gives a list of information to choose from
  15. Date Box
    The default entry in the date box is the current date. The two options for changing the dates is thru the calendar button or typing the date as numbers
  16. Text Boxes
    Boxes in which you enter information by typing
  17. Buttons
    Used to choose or confirm an option
  18. Radio Button
    Used where there are two or more options available, but only one option can be selected
  19. Tabs
    Easy way to include information while keeping the amount of information in each window manageable
  20. Export to Excel
    Useful to export information from QuickBooks, especially when the data available includes more information than the user wants
  21. QuickBooks Help
    • The tutorials are organized by accounting cycle.
    • You can type terms, phrases, or entire question in the Have a Question?" box to find additional guidance for specific topics.
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