Hist Final Exam 6

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  1. February 1, 1960-4 students at North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University in Greensboro, NC demand to be served at a local counter in Woolworths; July 1960- Greensboro Woolworth's desegregates lunch counter; inspired throughout the nation (Nashville)
    Sit ins
  2. April 1961- Student civil rights group created to challenge Jim Crow laws
    SNCC( student non violent coordinating committee)
  3. Launched by CORE (Congress of Racial Equality) in 1961; May 4- May 17: Washington, D.C. to New Orleans- test compliance to court orders banning segregation on interstate busses,trains, and facilities (Boynton vs Virginia 1960)
    Freedom Rides
  4. Martin Luther King Jr.'s plea for racial justice- police brutality, children could not enter amusement parks, public swimming pools
    "Letter from a Birmingham Jail"
  5. Voter registration drive by SNCC, CORE, and NAACP in MS; Attempt to get black vote in MS
    Freedom Summer
  6. Desired to take seats of state's all white official party at 1964 DNC in Atlantic City ,NJ; created because blacks unable to participate in activities of Democratic Party or register to vote; Sign: showed black organizing political power
    MFDP (Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party)
  7. End to discrimination at polling places
    Voting Rights Act of 1965
  8. One of many urban uprisings in 1960s (Detroit, Harlem); took place in black ghetto in LA; blacks viewed police as occupiers'; frustration with economic situation; 50,000 attacked police, fireman, looted white- owned businesses, burned buildings
    Watts Riot
  9. Eight indicted by government for inciting violence; Tom Hayden of SDS, yippie leader Abbie Hoffman, and Boddy Seale and Black Panthers; 5 found guilty; appeals court overturned decision Judge Julius Hoffman- biased against 8
    Chicago Eight
  10. Produced by Dow Chemical company; bombs; jelled gasoline and white phosphorus- rained liquid fire; coated everything from flesh to village huts; 4,000 tons f napalm used during war; Kim Phuc (napalm victim)
  11. Used as defoliant to clear forest and expose VC camps and roads; planes spread more than 100 millions pounds of defoliants million pounds of defoliants; forest destroyed; more than 1/3 of SV's timberland destroyed
    Agent Orange
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