Hist Final Exam 5

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  1. Chicago teenager murdered in Mississippi- August 28, 1955
    Emmett Till
  2. Refused to give up her seat on the bus. Parks was a seamstress and secretary of the local NAACP. She is arrested and fined (3 months after Emmett Till trial
    Rosa Parks
  3. Dec.5,1955- Dec.20, 1956; Sparked by Rosa Park's arrest; A successful year long boycott protesting segregation on city busses; led by Martin Luther King Jr.
    Montgomery Bus Boycott
  4. Young 26 year old preacher- became leader of the SCLC
    Martin Luther King Jr.
  5. Lead by Dr.King Jr; A combination of black minister and activist who're committed to combating segregation and discrimination
  6. Where churches bought station wagons and provided transportation to and from work
    "rolling churches"
  7. U.S. Supreme Court decision that struck down racial segregation in public education and declared "separate but equal" unconstitutional
    Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka
  8. Over 77 members of House of Representatives and most senators from the south declared the brown decision was a clear abuse of judicial power. Did whatever it took to prevent integration
    Southern Manifesto
  9. School integrated on Sep. 23, 1957; Group of 9 african american student enrolled in Little Rock Central High School; Prevented from entering racially segregated school by the governor of Arkansas (Orval Faubus)
    Little Rock Nine
  10. Needed segregation vote to be re-elected; tried to prevent central high school from being integrated by using Arkansas National Guard
    Governor Orval Faubus
  11. First African American admitted to Ole Miss- October 1, 1962
    James Meredith
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