Wire Spools updated

  1. How many different spools do we offer?
  2. what are the six smallest spools?
    5# euro, 5#, 10#, 35# euro, 40#,70#
  3. What are the six largest spools?
    100#, 200#, 200#, 250#, 1000#, 1000#
  4. What is the Flange?
    the diameter of the top of the spool
  5. What is the overall width?
    The measure from the top of the spool to the bottom of the spool.
  6. What is the Arbor?
    The Diameter of the middle of the spool where it needs to fit over into the machine.
  7. What is the Barrel?
    The diameter of the spool where the wire wraps around.
  8. What are the three coatings?
    • 1.Electrogalvanized
    • 2.Copper coated-liquor finish
    • 3.Gold-color nylon coated
  9. What two spools have the same Arbor & Skid Weight of 907kg or 2000lbs?
    5# & 10#
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Wire Spools updated
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