Hist 2020 Final Exam 3

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  1. Killed by disgruntled Arab nationalist Sirhan at Ambassador Hotel in LA after winning primary in California
    RFK Assassination
  2. March 16, 1968; Troops under Lt. William Calley- rounded up Villagers and slaughtered more than 350 men, women, and children; Not made public to Americans until 1969 by New York Times
    My Lai Massacre
  3. Jan.30, 1968; VC launched series of attacks on various cities. Targets included Saigon's airport, presidential palace; 19 VC commands blasted hole in American embassy; SV casualties: 14,300, US 4,000, ARVN 5,000// 58,000 VC and NV died; By march- communist did not achieve single objective
    Tet Offensive
  4. April of 1965- led antiwar rally in D.C.-25,000 turned out against US policy in Vietnam
  5. Chief of American military operations in Vietnam; by end of 1965- 185,000 American troops landed; 1968- at height of war- 536,000 American troops being supported with helicopters, jet aircraft and technology
    Gen. William Westmoreland
  6. August 2-4, 1964: North Vietnamese patrol boats exchanged fire with American destroyers- U.S.S. Maddox and Turner Joy; No side hurt each other; LBJ called this an act of open aggression; resolution: a blank check to declare war
    Gulf of Tonkin Incident
  7. Ran against LBJ in 1964 Election; The Conscience of a Conservative (1960); Need for more aggressive conduct of Cold War- nuclear war; voted against Civil Rights Act of 1964; Sought to repeal Social Security Act; Carried deep south
    Barry Goldwater
  8. Shot standing on a balcony outside of the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN on 4/4/68; assassinated by James Ural Ray; Arrived in TN to prepare for a march the following Monday on behalf of striking Memphis sanitation workers; violence erupted on Bill Street
    King Assassination
  9. 1968; Earned under $70 a week; 13,000+ black workers went on strike; Feb.-April 1968 wanted a union to represent their needs; pushing for increase in pay ($.10), due to check off; mayor said no; Labor and racial issue; this brought M.L.K to take his poor people campaign
    Sanitation Strike
  10. 1966- Oakland, CA- advocated armed self defense in response to police brutality
    Black Panthers
  11. Slogan emerged in 1966, used by SNCC's s; means black freedom; freedom from whites who tried to dictate movement's goals
    Black Power
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