Lesson 1

  1. Criteria used in choosing a national hero
    • Filipino
    • Dead
    • Great sense of nationalism
    • Calm thinker
  2. made up of 5 Americans and 5 Filipinos
    (2nd) Philippine Commission
  3. 5 American in the Philippine Commission
    • Taft
    • Ide
    • Wright
    • Worcester
    • Moses
  4. 5 Filipinos in the Philippine Constitution
    • Benito Legarda
    • J. Pardo de Tavera
    • Gegorio Araneta
    • Jose Luzurriaga
    • Cayetano Arellano
  5. Heroes nominated for "National hero"
    • Rizal (1896)
    • MH Del Pilar (1896)
    • Jaena (1896)
    • A. Luna (1900)
    • E. Jacinto (1899)
  6. Why does the Philippine commission require for national heroes to be dead?
    to protect the hero's reputation, worth/dignity
  7. Why was Bonifacio not nominated to be a national hero?
    He was found guilty of treason and planned to assassinate the president
  8. Why was Mabini not nominated to be a national hero?
    He was thinking of revolution. Also, he was a (ir)reconcilable for the Americans
  9. Why was Rizal chosen in the end instead of MH Del Pilar who actually had most of the votes?
    • Rizal had a melodramatic life compared to MH Del Pilar
    • Rizal had a favorable/meaningful death compared to Del Pilar
  10. Why did the Philippine Commission choose Rizal as our National Hero?
    • They were all illustrados
    • They were all members of the government
    • They were all educated
  11. He was a relative of Rizal
    Jose Pardo de Tavera
  12. What are the objectives of RA 1425
    • to rededicate the ideals of freedom and nationalism
    • to develop national character
    • his works are a constant and inspiring source of patriotism
  13. 4 virtues
    • moral character
    • personal discipline
    • civic conscience
    • duties of citizenship
  14. words of love for the country
  15. acts of love for the country
  16. Life, works and writings of Rizal shall be included in the curricula...
    Section 1
  17. Board of National Education should implement the provisions and regulate the rules of this section
    Section 1
  18. libraries should have adequate number of copies of the works of RIzal
    Section 2
  19. Books should be approved by the board of national education
    Section 2
  20. Board of National Education shall translate works of Rizal to other dialects, printed in cheap & popular ed, distribution is free of charge,
    Section 3
  21. nothing in the act shall amend section 927 of the administrative code
    Section 4
  22. P300k are appropriated to carry out the purposes of this act
    Section 5
  23. Act shall take effect upon its approval
    Section 6
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