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  1. „issue” This is a very important political issue.
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    kwestia, problem, zagadnienie
  2. „participate” Eight schools participated in the project.
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    brać udział
  3. „found” Founded in 1935 in Ohio, Alcoholics Anonymous is now a world-wide organisation.
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  4. „fund” This is just one of many projects funded by the EU.
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  5. „vulnerable” The army was in a vulnerable position.
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    podatny na wpływ, narażony na atak
  6. „fundraising” Since she retired, my mother's been involved in loads of fundraising activities.
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    kwestowanie, gromadzenie funduszy
  7. „telethon” Tomorrow night there's a telethon to raise money for victims of the recent tsunami.
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    dobroczynna akcja audiotele w telewizji
  8. „the album features…” His new album features remixes of all his classic songs.
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    na albumie znajdują się…
  9. „sketch” Dave drew a rough sketch of his apartment.
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  10. „powerful” Who is the most powerful man in Hollywood?
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    mocny, potężny
  11. „transmit” We transmit our programme from the back of my father's van!
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  12. „version” The original version of the film was much better.
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  13. „bucket” I need to buy a new bucket - there's a hole in this one!
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  14. „eye-opening” I watched a really eye-opening documentary about the black market on TV last night.
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    rewelacyjny, otwierający oczy
  15. „jelly” We had strawberry jelly and ice cream for dessert.

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  16. „hoot” The driver hooted at me as he drove past.
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  17. „corridor” Please wait in the corridor.
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  18. „unaccustomed” He was a country boy, unaccustomed to an urban way of life.
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  19. „worn out” You look worn out.
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    zmęczony, wycieńczony
  20. „burst with energy” Our new puppy is absolutely bursting with energy!
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    tryskać energią
  21. „donation” Please make a donation to the hospital fund.
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  22. „recruit” It’s not easy to recruit well-qualified people.
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  23. „guideline” New EU guidelines on meat production have been introduced for European farmers.
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  24. „volume” Can you turn down the volume on the TV?
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  25. „campaign” Have you been following the American election campaigns?
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  26. „desert” What's the biggest desert on Earth?
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  27. „research” Scientific research into heart disease.
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    badania naukowe
  28. „wrap” The present was wrapped in gold paper.
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  29. „subtropical” My country has a subtropical climate.
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    podzwrotnikowy, subtropikalny
  30. „homemade” Homemade jam.
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    domowy (zrobiony w domu)
  31. „debt” She's in a lot of debt to the bank.
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  32. „domestic violence” Police are investigating a serious case of domestic violence where a young woman was hospitalised last night.
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    przemoc domowa
  33. „drought” The biggest drought in a decade continues to affect people living in western Africa.
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  34. „drug abuse” Drug abuse is still a big problem in the poorer areas of the city.
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    zażywanie narkotyków
  35. „drunkenness” The majority of weekend hospital emergencies are related to drunkenness.
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  36. „famine” Did you see that TV programme last night about the great potato famine in Ireland.
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  37. „homelessness” The thing that shocked me the most about the country was the level of homelessness.
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  38. „lack” The lack of clean drinking water is often the biggest cause of disease after a natural disaster.
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  39. „obesity” One of the biggest health problems in the UK is obesity.
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  40. „poverty” Poverty and unemployment are increasing.
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  41. „decrease” Crime in urban areas decreased by 30% last year.
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  42. „permit” You need a permit to park your car here.
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  43. „research project” The scientists have just begun a three-year research project.
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    projekt badawczy
  44. „raise awareness” Health officials have tried to raise awareness about AIDS.
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    podnieść świadomość ludzi
  45. „tent” We looked for a place to put up our tent.
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  46. „blanket” If you get cold during the night, there are extra blankets in the wardrobe.
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  47. „track” You can download her new track from the internet.
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    piosenka, kawałek, numer
  48. „accountable” The government is accountable to the people.
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  49. „CCTV” They've just installed CCTV cameras on my street.
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    kamera przemysłowa
  50. „citizen” The mayor urged citizens to begin preparing for a major storm.
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  51. „deterrent” The new law should be an effective deterrent to car thieves.
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  52. „hand over” The soldiers were ordered to hand over their guns.
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    przekazać, oddać
  53. „invasion” I think that having CCTV on our streets is a complete invasion of privacy.
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  54. „keep track” I find it hard to keep track of new trends in fashion.
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    śledzić na bieżąco
  55. „law-abiding” She is a responsible, law-abiding citizen.
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    przestrzegający prawa
  56. „log” Excuse me, I wish to log a complaint.
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    zanotować, zarejestrować
  57. „microchip” Japan’s largest producer of microchips has just opened a factory in the UK.
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  58. „monitor” Your manager will closely monitor your progress.
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    monitorować, nadzorować
  59. „number plate” What colour are the number plates in your country?
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    tablice rejestracyjne
  60. „privacy” Teenagers need some privacy.
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  61. „speed camera” There are speed cameras everywhere nowadays!
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  62. „surveillance” Police have the man under surveillance.
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  63. „put up” We looked for a place to put up our tent.
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    postawić, wybudować
  64. „travel pass” If ticket collectors catch you without a travel pass you'll get a fine.
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    bilet elektroniczny
  65. „stretch of beach” a beautiful stretch of beach
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    odcinek plaży
  66. „filter” filtered drinking water
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  67. „identity card” If you want to buy alcohol you'll have to show your identity card to prove you're of age.
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    dowód tożsamości
  68. „official” US Administration officials
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    oficjele, przedstawiciele
  69. „infiltrate” Police attempts to infiltrate neo-Nazi groups have been unsuccessful.
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    infiltrować, przeniknąć
  70. „hacker” A hacker had managed to get into the system.
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  71. „install” The company has installed security cameras.
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  72. „surge” a surge in oil prices
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    skok, wzrost
  73. „spot check” Police are doing spot checks on cars.
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    wyrywkowa kontrola
  74. „landline” I'll be at home, so you can call me on the landline.
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    telefon stacjonarny
  75. „register” You need to register with a doctor.
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    zarejestrować się
  76. „installation” the installation and maintenance of alarm systems
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  77. „safeguard” laws to safeguard endangered animals
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    zabezpieczenie, ochrona
  78. „secure” a secure job
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  79. „identify” She was unable to identify her attacker.
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  80. „regard” I’ve always regarded you as my friend.
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    uważać kogoś/coś za…
  81. „violation” human rights violations
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  82. „council” The local council decided to build a new school.
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  83. „taxpayer” It will cost taxpayers 1.3 million.
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  84. „pursue a career” He hoped to pursue a career in film-making.
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    dążyć do sukcesu
  85. „resolve” efforts to resolve the conflict in the Middle East
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    rozwiązać (problem)
  86. „request” The pilot requested permission to land.
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    poprosić, zażądać
  87. „coordinate” Matching bag and accessories provide a complete ensemble of colour coordinates.
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  88. „enclose” Please enclose your payment.
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  89. „ensure” Ensure that the fire doors are kept clear.
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    upewnić się
  90. „technique” guitar-playing techniques
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    technika, metoda, sposób
  91. „blur” His writing blurred beneath her tired eyes.
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    rozmazywać się
  92. „prompt” Prompt action must be taken.
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  93. „frame” a picture in a wooden frame
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  94. „legal” It’s perfectly legal to charge a fee.
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  95. „fine” You'll pay a fine if your dog leaves something on the grass.
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    kara, grzywna
  96. „plain” She was a plain woman and not a queen.
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    zwyczajny, niewyszukany
  97. „cosmetic surgery” She decided to have a cosmetic surgery of her nose.
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    chirurgia kosmetyczna
  98. „theft” Car theft is on the increase in this area.
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  99. „reduction” a reduction in the number of students choosing science
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    obniżka, redukcja, zmniejszenie
  100. „to some extent” I agree to some extent.
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    do pewnego stopnia
  101. „convince” Her arguments didn’t convince me.
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  102. „injection” The nurse gave me an injection.
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  103. „liposuction” She wasn't fat but decided to have liposuction.
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    odsysanie tłuszczu
  104. „file sharing” 2 years in prison for murder and 5 for file sharing
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    udostępnianie plików
  105. „stereotype” stereotypical images of women
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  106. „multi-tasking” Women are really good at multi-tasking
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    wielozadaniowość, wykonywanie wielu czynności na raz
  107. „unethical” The scientists have been charged with unethical medical practices.
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  108. „justifiable” I think the judge made a justifiable decision.
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    usprawiedliwiony, uzasadniony
  109. „inevitable” Death is inevitable.
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  110. „inoffensive” I thought the joke was completely inoffensive.
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    nieszkodliwy, niewinny (żart)
  111. „outrageous” The price of petrol these days is absolutely outrageous!
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    oburzający, skandaliczny
  112. „possession” Prisoners were allowed no personal possessions.
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    własność, przedmiot osobisty
  113. „wealthy” an extremely wealthy family
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    bogaty, zamożny
  114. „decline” Coffee production declined.
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    chylić się ku upadkowi
  115. „consumerism” the power of consumerism today
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  116. „by instalments” We’re paying for the car by monthly instalments.
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    na raty
  117. „rat race” People working in multinational corporations are in a continuous rat race.
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    wyścig szczurów
  118. „assumption” We’re working on the assumption that prices will rise.
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  119. „purchase” Where did you purchase the car?
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  120. „designer label” a designer label such as Chanel
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    "droga metka"
  121. „treadmill” I run on treadmill every day.
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    bieżnia (przyrząd)
  122. „diminish” The country’s political influence has diminished recently.
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    pomniejszać, zmniejszać, maleć
  123. „unreliable” The buses here are often unreliable.
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    zawodny, niesolidny, nierzetelny
  124. „companionship” She joined the club for companionship.
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    towarzystwo (np. innych ludzi)
  125. „suitable” We are hoping to find a suitable school.
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    odpowiedni, pasujący
  126. „whereas” Nowadays the journey takes six hours, whereas then it took several weeks.
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    podczas gdy
  127. „independent” a small independent bookshop
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    niezależny, niepodległy
  128. „concept” the concept of freedom for all
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    koncept, zamysł, idea
  129. „stimulating” a stimulating conversation
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    inspirujący, stymulujący
  130. „burglary” Burglaries have risen by 5%.
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  131. „measure” I measured it with a ruler.
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  132. „latter” the latter part of November
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    (ten) drugi, późniejszy
  133. „victim” victims of crime
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  134. „suicide” There’s been a rise in the number of suicides among young men.
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  135. „overpopulation” efforts to reduce overpopulation
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  136. „current” her current boyfriend
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  137. „nickname” His nickname was ‘Curly’ because of his hair.
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  138. „admire” I always admired my mother for her courage and patience.
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    podziwiać, uwielbiać
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