Exam 3

  1. America's character
    • Family Structre
    • religion
    • goverment
    • economic
    • age
    • educational level
    • mobility
  2. family structure
    operate under a nuculer family structure withing guidelines of the modified extended nuclear family. Most americans aren't married or getting married, but living together. we might see see an increase in single parent families
  3. religion
    characterized as Judeo-Christian country with religion being allowed for the Doctrine of Atonement
  4. Doctrine of Atonement
    states that at death the creator is united with its creation (life after death)
  5. goverment
    • democratic
    • *freedom of choice, were free to select type of funeral we desire
  6. Economic
    • free enterprise we can own & operate a business in America without race, economic status, ethnicity, gender, etc.
    • *You can own a home without being licensed yourself.
  7. Age
    • youth oriented
    • modern tendency is to place the ederly in nursing homes or provide in-home care by licensed agency, contributing to the death-denying society
  8. Thanatology
    • the study of death, dying and grief
    • *derived from the name Thantos Greek god of death
  9. Education level
    • high degree of educational status
    • America is encouraged & sometimes expected to take part in furthering their education beyond highschool. America has a higher degree of educational status & better public schools
  10. mobility
    • a "nation on the go"
    • very mobile, neo-localism families (neo-localism-movement from place of birth) is now an accepted way of life
  11. basic american customs in funeral services today
    • use of funeral homes
    • embalming
    • viewing
    • visitation
    • use of funeral director
    • credit-money
    • disposition of remains
    • organized funeal rites; ceremonies & religion
  12. funeral homes are
    the site of rosaries, visitation & fraternal services including embalming & body preparation
  13. funeral homes are also used for
    • chruch services
    • defensive driving classes
    • grief therepy group meetings
    • CPR & Red Cross classes
    • Emergency crisis by FEMA or other govermental agencies
  14. Use of embalming first developed during
    civil war & accepted after WWII it's a definte public health value
  15. 3 purposes of embalming are:
    • disinfection
    • preservation
    • restoration
  16. itemazation
    • a method of priving provides seperate charge for each item of service & merchandise.
    • Funeral Rules are goverened by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  17. modern memorial park cemetaries
    present or recent burial grounds other than the past church yard burials
  18. lot-exchange programs
    are the year-round maintanence programs provided with memorial park cemetaries so families on the go have their loved one's grave maintained all year long appearing to be cared for.
  19. co-habitants
    2 or more people, unrelated by either blood or marriage who are sharing living quarters together
  20. PAC (Policitcal Action Groups)
    are a way of life for state & national funeral services organizations to contribute money to state & national political groups to distribute to legislators seeking re-election
  21. 4 main reasons for the increase in cremation:
    • consumer movement by memorial societies
    • ecology
    • cost
    • neo-localism on a family choosing cremation
  22. consumer movement by memorial services
    encourage families to spend less on funerals & have a memorial service instead of a traditional service
  23. ecology
    "go green" enviromental aware, providing biodegradable cardboard caskets & biodegradable urns
  24. neo-localism on a family choosing creamtion
    cremate & have a memorial service when it's more convienient for them
  25. 4 social changes cause & increase in cremation
    • from "cremation is gaining" by William E. Phipps
    • 1. scarcity of land
    • 2. increased cost related to burial
    • 3. viewing the end result as being the same just a difference in the amount of time taken to accomplish the result
    • 4. religious interpretations bibilica verse Genesis 3:19 "Dust to Dust"
  26. because of people immigrating & bringing their country's traditions with them
    • creamtion rising 1% ea. year
    • 80% Japanese disposition
    • 70% British
    • 26% Americans
  27. Factors contributing change in the funeral service in the past 1/2 century
    • increased automobile use
    • increased use of air travel
    • changes in traditional burial ground
    • image of funeral homes
    • churches
    • population growth
    • medical advances
  28. "tradition in transition" by N.F.D.A
    the use & requirements in continuing education: 16 hours of C.E.U (Continuning Education Units)
  29. issue with regulating the rules & laws mandated by F.T.C. (Federal Trade Commission)
    the lack of education in individuals in industry is the major issue and are now required to get & keep you license making them burdenson
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