1350: Age-related changes. in gerontology

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  1. Epidermis.

    What are the most visible signs of aging?

    What is the result and puts them at risk for?
    skin & hair.

    Skin loses moisture; hair turns white.
  2. Epidermis.

    Increased healing time results in?
    Increase in infection.
  3. Epidermis.

    Flattening of rete ridges results in?
    skin tears.
  4. Epidermis.

    Decreased activity & function of melanocytes results in?
    paler complexion, age and liver spots, more freckles.
  5. Dermis.

    Decrease in: 
    thickness & elastin?
    touch/pressure sensation?
    wrinkles; sagging of skin.

    paler complexion and delayed wound healing.

    increased risk for injury.
  6. Dermis.

    What results from disorganized collagen?
    loss of turgor.
  7. SubQ.

    Atrophy in some areas result in?

    Shifting of fat placement results in?
    Decreased protection of underlying tissues and organs; loss of temperature regulation.

    Hypertrophy in other areas.
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